that sunset grin.

that sunset grin.

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so there I was…
riding off into the sunset, um, ok, driving into the sunset, coming back from my first covid test, been lucky to avoid the arrows until now but a couple of coworkers tested positive so these are the times we are living in, enough about that really, more about the sunset, sure, we are not talking shoreline paradise here, route 1 south in edison nj, but somehow, someway all that dropped south of my view, a really nice near perfect orange half a globe sitting there on the horizon, I must have been travelling near due west, well, maybe slightly to the left, this time of year the light is not blinding, well, mostly, so I was literally driving into the sunset, a smile came upon my face, I mean, if this was my last moment, why not go out with a grin, I can’t complain about my time, sure, I would like more, and probably have plenty more, but some day, sooner than I can contemplate, the world will be tired of me, and fate will dial up my number one last time, so why not do it with a grin?

I merge onto the garden state, just to jump a couple of exits rather than deal with all the local lights, I need only stay in the right lane, not even a mile once I am on, why in the world is their traffic at this hour, ah, I can just wait it out, it is not bumper to bumper but is certainly not the open flow I was expecting to go, I could jump a lane over, ah, c’mon man, relax, not that far to go, apparently not for some of those in front of me, jumping ships, or lanes and then I see it, my exit and also the slow culprit, what are the odds they are getting off at my exit? ahhh, you’ve seen this movie before, me too, 990% chance they are going my way, thankfully I am still wearing my sunrise smile and am just amused at the situation, other days maybe, other days I might have lit up like a firecracker enraged, but today? nah, lucky him, well, I can’t say him, in fact, the car in front of me looks quite empty, whomever is driving is tiny, or invisible, probably just short, I know it can’t be an automated car, to my recollection late 90’s corrollas did not come with that feature, now, off my exit there is two ways you can go, of course slowrolla is going my way (turn signal? not so much), I am laughing now, I am not sure if the people behind me are as amused but, hey, this is my blog story man, get your own! of course the first right is my turn… and the auto car turns, of course, I finally lose the person (assumption, you never know) near the home stretch, only a couple of more turns to go… I suppose I missed the baton hand off, because slowrolla has a relative, or a cohort, a partner in this crime, with a mercedes SUV, at least this looks occupied, and it also occupies the whole road, I never understood compensating for parked cars by driving on the wrong side of the road, must be me, on some other day I might be loosing my mind, but today? I’m in on the joke it seems, the slowcedes turns off literally the street before mine, “here ya go, a little scrap a tidbit” the world says to me as at least the way to my driveway was clear, I park, shake my head for a second at the absurdity, and retire inside to write this piece, still with that dumb grin shellacked on my face, from that sun that has gone under by the time this is done.

notes… not just because this post is Epic, well. it probably isn’t, but I am just on a FNM kick lately, Angel Dust is my jam, one of the best weird albums ever made that kind of made in mainstream.. of course I am partial to Mr. Bungle but what do I know…

breaking up is hard to do (from Sirius XM)

breaking up is hard to do (from Sirius XM)

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let this be a cautionary tale, since I get company vehicles I received satellite radio with each new one, I was out on the road more often in the past so I signed up for XM service fulltime on my dime, however, in these pandemic daze… or days, I am not nearly out on the road so much (plus I have tons of stuff to listen to on my USB drive anywho), I got a new car (and my ex-car was passed to a new tech) so I figured I would just let my XM subscription run out by itself and not even worry about it (giving the new guy free radio for a bit), easy peasy, right? nah… not so much… I get this screaming yellow letter that my account is past due and they will continue to charge me (the credit card on file is expired), so I figure I could cancel this online… right? nope… back to screaming yellow letter, the phone number in big print should work…nope… well then, at the very very very bottom, and in ant size oompa loompa font print there is a completely different phone number for cancel requests, Stall Tactic #1 (here on out known as “ST#”), so I call the (small) number, I have to verify my entire DNA genome, twice, (I mean just an account number is not sufficient in this day and age? please…), that would be ST#2 for those keeping score @ home, call center connects, I have to verify all my info, again, twice (seriously, ST#3), guess what? their computer system is having ‘trouble’ (ST#4+), I get put on hold a few times for this, semi-robotic-non-sincere apologies are not exactly soothing my soul, not to mention that the words “I want to cancel” do not seem to penetrate into the lobe of the phone conductor, so after this myriad of delays (15 minutes in now) the clerk informs me I need to ‘take care of my balance’ for the amount my radio was being ‘used’ past the expiration date, $24.14… OK, no big deal, I’m ready to deal, seems simple? nope… I am informed that I need to pay a total of $241.64 to bring my account current (that is the yearly rate), what? but then I would be issued a credit … wait for it… “if I want to cancel”… (insert hair pulling here), so almost 30 min in @ this point and I have to pay ahead to go ahead and cancel my account, maddening, I protest, a couple more times put on hold (ST#5), finally the clerk reads me some legal mumbo jumbo and is going to take my $24.14 to bring my account current, whew, near done? right… ? nah… so I give her my credit card number, twice (of course), put on hold… she comes back, ‘I’m sorry that card is declined’ (ST#6+), this is a brandy new card, I have near perfect credit, and there is not even a balance on it… so, we go through the card number again, twice (as if you had to ask?), put on hold… and low and behold, viola! my card works, how magical… she says ‘OK, your account is current after the $241.64 charge’, what?!? now I think I understand that astronaut who put on diapers and drove across the country… so I again, reiterated irately that I wanted to “cannnnncelllll theeeeee aaaaaahhhcountttttt”, (cruising past the 40 minute mark now), ‘I understand but before I can transfer you to that department -were you able to have everything you needed done on our call today?-‘ (phone drop sound, on my end) “No, of course not, how can you even ask that question?!” ‘ok, sir, sorry for the inconvenience, please hold’… (ST#, ahh… who’s counting), another person picks up, I think you can guess what happens here, I have to give them my information… from scratch… again… I was pretty much at my end here so… the conversation went south (I am omitting a bunch of ‘put on holds’ for the sake of my sanity)…
“I want to cancel my service”
‘do you no longer have the 2017 Hyundai?’
“No, it was crashed and took both my legs with it”
(and without a hitch…)
‘so will you be getting a new vehicle?’
“No, my wheel chair does not have a radio”
‘well, I was looking through your account and it seems we can offer you 41% off for the year, that would be a credit of $120 off what you have already paid for the year’
(nearly an hour in… last nerve twitched and frazzled, but I did not use obscenities’.. I was close though… so damn close…)
and finally… finally… I get a confirmation of the cancellation… now I know what it feels like to run a marathon and break through that little tape thing @ the end and collapse in a joyous puddle of my own fluids… ok, maybe that’s a touch gross… but I digress…

I don’t support boycotts and the like… but companies should be called out for garbage like this…

The sun and the moon…

The sun and the moon…

switched beige table lamp
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I often wonder would I like to live in more primitive times, to be an ancient as it were, the television would be the sky, the logs my corridors, there is an allure to that simple life but perhaps only if you hadn’t dipped that big toe into the now know, but I try to imagine what the sun and moon would mean not knowing the spin cycle that is the reason for their being in motion, sure, the celestial bodies are still a wonder, but imagine seeing these spheres magically appear and change over the course of a year, has the moon lost some luster ? has the sun lost some bright ?  doubtful… just tonight looking up at a cloudy sky, just one note color, but there, a fuzzy diffused bulb just hanging, close one eye and reach up with a hand circle spyglass, and you could almost touch the thing, even knowing in reality only a handful of humans have actually touched moona firma, and that was 50 years ago, half a lifetime these days, perhaps only a third of a lifetime just down the road, so is our wonder gone or just refocused ? does technology and knowledge disconnect  us?  I might imagine what it was like to be the guy (or gal) that figured out how to create fire on demand, the veritable steve jobs of their day, pimping Ifire, bigger Ifire, Ifire portable, but I imagine people got tired of Ifire when the only difference in Ifire 10 was charcoal briquettes, so I suppose, in all this prose, what I might be trying to say, it is all relative, all generations thought they knew the most, think of those that found all the coasts and what a revelation that was in those times, is the feeling the same now when we find a new exoplanet? or is it blase-faire ?  I often find myself sky gazing these days during the day and star gazing the night when the sun is away. and so I muse…

I find myself standing
among a forest of naked believers
limbs raised in praise
upwards to the heavens
vibrating in the breeze
so I may look there
and agree,
with no roots holding
may I ascend up into the stars
to continue this journey
into the celestial bounty

Music ? how about some space ambient… I listen to this stuff all the time…

Space Ambient Live Channel on Youtube

“death of a latte” …

“death of a latte” …

six white ceramic mugs
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Intro: Some of the names/details may have been changed to protect the reputation of the participants but the core facts remain in this tale of utter woe and suffering (relative to the situation, which I found myself within just the other day).

So in my workly travels I might stop at a local watering hole (read coffee shop), I quite like strong and bitter coffee, so I was off on my way to Hempstead NY and stopped at the local, well, let’s call it “Starbox” coffee establishment (do not want to infringe on any copyrights after all, savy?), nothing seemed amiss in the LED light-washed down faces sucked into local vortexes, or at least this is not a miss if not the main in this day and age (maybe I am showing my age?), but more to the meat of the matter, I approached the counter, which can always be a puzzle in itself, which side do I go to? is this the line? is this person nose dove into their phone in line? what came first the coffee bean or the egg? I managed to find my way to the ordering type area, almost unaware of the signs (oh the signs) up on the registers, quite hand written (is that still legal), announcing that (warning: if you have small children please have them leave the room) the fancy coffee maker thing-a-majobber (or barista enabler mechanism) is quite broken, how could I not notice this semi natural disaster in the wake, this tsunami of disappointment brewing on the horizon, as I blythely ordered a large dark roast, I only noticed these harrowing words of torment as I awaited my hot cup of goodness (read: caffeine delivery system), the situation was brought more to a dancing bear under my nose by the next in line (poor soul), as he tried (in earnest and with great seriousness) to order some sort of latte, or frappucino, or hell-if-I-know, but whatever it was, it sounded impressive, but only to be shot down like a burning angel cinder, like Icarus himself so close to touching the fiery ball that rules this corner of the great milky way (boy I am glad our galaxy is not named whatchamacallit), I stood amazed, for a moment, at the spectacle, and how deeply felt the blow of the non latte was felled upon my fellow coffee house traveler, and on cried the fraught lad, lacrimonious roar throughout mocha frappa-land, and then as if guided birdboxly into yet another pit of iron rusty spikes he asks “does that (pointing to some perfection looking sandwich thing) come with vegan bacon?”, almost with a quiver in the delivery knowing his hopes are crumbling like so much a mountain in end times exploding, and then with another cold rebuke the answer comes handed down with ultimate thunder “no” (it seemed to echo forever and more)…

immediately the air seemed to escape from the room, surely the temperature dropped precipitously, all light now eschewed by utter doom, what is that poor lad to do in such withering circumstance? (not to mention those gathered in the twitter unison circle)
I felt the recoil, the urge, the itch, first corners turning, “I can not laugh” I think for a moment… but surely my growing, glowing cheshire grin revealing my burgeoning delight, amid the wash of this assumed morass of perceived category 5 dilemma, so with that, before I spilled guffaw right there all over the floor, I routed my route to the escape door, large dark roast in hand content with a spritz of stevia, a dash of cinnamon and the subtle kiss of non fat milk (from a cow of consent), grinning in all the splendor of wading through the casualties of this coffee house disaster. I will not look back and become a pillar.

(exit, stage door, enter car, back onto the belt parkway for work, take a sip, enjoy)

Thoughts, comments and all else is always appreciated, I bow to you O reader with thanks and commons.

What has happened to the courtesy wave?

What has happened to the courtesy wave?

car driving keys repair
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Driving a ton, as I do, I commute all over the tri-state area on a weekly basis, I try to be a good (courteous) driver, admittedly I will purposely speed up to block a jerk, sorry, can’t help myself, but mostly I am a good egg, which leads me to this post, to me, as I was raised (or taught I suppose), when someone let’s you in a lane you are pining for in sheer desperation or in an utter sweaty panic (because the other driver surely does not have to defer), you give them the old ‘courtesy wave‘, a simple hand gesture that universally expresses your thanks to the driver now behind that you appreciate the act of kind, certainly this has become a much endangered animal compared to it’s little (but wildly popular) brother, the one finger salute, and I do not want to confuse this with the infuriating ‘hand out the window / flag you down sort of’ gesture, no, I hate that one, the driver lowers down the window and starts to direct you like they are pharaoh and you are building the pyramids, nope, no thank you, take that garbage back to whatever primitive culture you came from, I am talking about genuine courtesy, of course there is this, but …. I just can’t wrap my head around it, a little courtesy, sheesh, why is it so difficult ?

A lighter avenue for the weekend…

A lighter avenue for the weekend…

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The weekend, well, for me one day, I like to keep it light and post poems or jokes… or both, or just silly little things that have crossed my mind, so this is one of those posts (plus there is not as many eyeballs on wordpress because hopefully you are all out doing cool weekend things), so without further verbosity (I seriously can’t help myself sometimes…)



code coder coding computer
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6/6/18 “coded”

lines of linux

lines of dos


my coded thoughts



not from a phone

markup language

not graffiti on a wall


meta tag

you’re it

url follow

take a trip


all this language make you crazed?

applets are not miniature apples

an orchard on your netscape


i think i’m infected


time to check the time

surf to the atomic clock.

notes… OK, this is full on geek roots here, I am a coder (surprise, I love to write… code), heck I even remember my gosub routines,  I used to write webpages from scratch (HTML), it is all so automated now, there was an art to it, but it is much easier to point and click, I must admit.

finance dollars newspaper stock
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I know it is early

when I can still hear the night crickets

the morning paper

what an anachronism

why do I still get this thing?

nostalgia or habit, I suppose

agriculture back light bokeh cloud
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ears have horns


the devil himself

pop goes the weasel

in your trousers

a child is born



I’m a balloon

I’m not sad

just deflated

silly music time…

Scatterbrain – I’m with Stupid

fun fun fun band, one of the best ever silly albums (but great on a technical level) of all time, well at least to this guy… it spans genres (metal, rock, funk, classical, doowop – seriously) and themes, and by the way, don’t call me ‘dude’

I would be remiss if I did not say thanks for reading this.  All input, comments, questions and bake-ware is appreciated. (critique is especially valued, I can’t see myself now)

$25 cents, mr do and charleston chew

$25 cents, mr do and charleston chew

white and brown house under tree
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I have not been writing much (I have tons of back log but sometimes they seem like old logs in the forest I have let much moss grow on, I might lichen it to neglect), the muse is cold and hiding somewhere inside my home, where? I do not know, I’ll find the little minx, after all she loves to influence me in not so mysterious ways, so I thought I would just share a random memory of my childhood, let it be said I never know where my blog will go, nor does it matter, do you question the river as it makes it’s way to the ocean ?

and now, the musing (sans the muse, I swear she is around here somewheres): I am not sure if it is a northeast america thing, a New Jersey (pronounced Joizee) thing, or a cultural happening in my circle of growing up thing (but we all seemed to be doing this thing),  this thing that I seem to be avoiding naming goes by the name of “sleep away camp”, firstly, we were conditioned prior to this experience with “day camp” (for me Hi Hi Hills in Watchung NJ , boy has it changed!), so the evil plan hatched by my parents to rid themselves of the children for the summer was afoot, I imagine, wait… I don’t want to imagine why they would want to send us away for a time, to knit ? or mow the lawn? yes… that’s it, nothing else biological entities would do, definitely not that, or any of that sort of thing, I am sure of that, that that was not the reason, surely I am a product of an asexual processes, well… I am adopted… so I am going to hold onto that regardless of the merit of actual logic, and the fact that I do not wish to see that movie, not even the outtakes, or even the deleted scenes, or behind the scenes, or hell… even the story board treatment is out of the question, now, where was I?  so, day camp was a proving ground, an experiment before the grand experiment, to be sent away to a never ending place of stimulation roughly two hours north of the homestead – for the never ending summer, that inevitably, ended, but it certainly seemed much longer back then, the camp of my family choice was Camp Sequoia which goes by a different name now, but is the same gulag, you see, for the most part I did not love my time among the other fellow travelers, I loved the nature aspect, heck, I took every hiking trip I could (there is nothing better than cowboy stew on a mountain I tell you – OK legit s’mores are a close second), or the time I woke with a porcupine on my sleeping bag on Tabletop (they have bad breath, and huge buck teeth, but love american cheese, no shit, hand fed the little bastard after he climbed up an inadequate for escape tree), but back to the point… um, yes, sleep away camp, a vacation for the parents, there was only one day they visited in what seemed like a forever clip (they did send contraband, which made me feel all sly), in fact it was just basically six weeks, funny how time really is different then and now, of course that is nonsense, my perception of said time is the difference, it almost seems like a different life, disconnected from this one, so, wait, I have to go back to the post origin… part of sleep away camp was “canteen”, our time for free for all, basically an hour in this one hut that had goodies and one arcade game… you waited all day for the prize like a dog giving paw, you walked up to the window with immense anticipation, as you could score a sugar bar (I mean what is candy if not that?) so for that moment I used to score, a charleston chew and then saunter over to the Mr Do cabinet (the only game in town as it were)… slip in my twenty five cents (um, a quarter) and piss off about 30 other kids because I was the real Mr Do deal, life is strange, the things you remember clear as day, I love that game, I do not so much love the cavities wrought by the charleston chews however…

the simple tradition (weekend post)

the simple tradition (weekend post)

cat lying on cloth
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Surely this is a time to unwind, one of the big American holidays leading (and perhaps the actual door) to winter, christmas and what not around the corner (do I need to be PC and mention every single holiday? nah, not me.), since the weekend is the time to relax, curl up on the couch and watch some TV (like a parade no one really cares about but we watch anyway), I like to post some simply digested pieces (get it, turkey day humor), maybe even just one line thoughts, or orphans as it were… so without further delay (I know, you must be waiting with such baited breath)…

animal bright bunny chamomile
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robins and rabbits

do not seem to mind

each-other’s company

on this little patch of mine

lightning photo
Photo by Johannes Plenio on


can you feel the sky breaking

cracking at the dawn

I can no longer hide my disgrace

within the passing storm

beautiful blue eyes close up dhyamis kleber
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your eyes

are the only ones

I have ever

truly, looked into

heart love sand
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to know her

is a song,

stanzas upon my heart.

for eternity

I knew, right from the start.

these notes

they spare my soul

from the looming dark.


humanity, these days

souls on a billboard

on a road to nowhere

glacier snow mountains sunny
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fraternal twins;


sunlight bathes


light of day;


moonlight owns

the night

in the phases;


the rise on tides

waxes and wane and disappear

crimson high, chasing the dawn of genesis light


eternal dance

partners three

notes… just on the last one, by partners three I was referencing the earth, moon and sun which is what the universe was for those just a few or so hundred years ago, kind of a play on perspective and science (and poor Galileo) , I thought about referring to all celestial movement but since I was being local (in a solar system sense) I thought this was the way to go.  although most of these poems are dated 6 months back (their birth), I did alter them here and there today… maybe I am getting better at that ?  I don’t know, I can only post and hope it connects with you, the reader.  And in this time of thanks, well… thanks.  I am not one to fish for compliments, it may sound arrogant but I don’t care (if you know me in the ‘real’ world as especially my coworkers can attest), I do not do things for others behest, I do them to do them, to do the right thing, which is not always rewarding in the outward sense, but fulfillment should be an inner strength, something that feeds your soul at some level, not some exercise in how many likes I can generate, would that be nice?  I am a realist, and not a bullshit artist, so yeah, sure I look at the likes, but that is exactly the hook I have to avoid… to enjoy the process, it is almost like dangling a shiny thing in front of the real prize, the real prize being real praise and admiration without prostrating myself in front of strangers behind a keyboard (ahem, you, reading this)… in summation I give thanks to whatever is out there, to you, to anyone I connect with, we are here in a blink and it seems that time has gone so fast, maybe I can share my value with my posts and enlighten just a few folks, isn’t that better than most ?

music… when I am contemplative I tend to go ambient (or classical), today I bend ambient…

Tycho – Hours

Tycho rules, he has a pretty high profile and tours often, check out his art as well, I have several of his prints

Just some silliness (can’t we all use a little?)

Just some silliness (can’t we all use a little?)

blur color conceptual cube
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I can be hilarious, witty and completely eye rollingly cornball… this is one of the latter times, I’m off tomorrow for the holiday of course so I just threw this together as a matter of course, of course tomorrow I will be eating courses on my course to food coma nirvana, I love turkey, no, not the country, I love turkey in some unholy fashion, I could eat turkey every living day, is that a bad thing?  Have you ever met a turkey?  They are aggressive at times, they will get you, pac man is modeled after turkey life after all (gobble gobble – see, awful cornball humor oozes from me!).  Anyway, have a good day, and enjoy these lighter pieces where I am not balancing the universe on my syllables and the meaning of life on my parables…

I hate twitter
not enough space for my words

bourbon (I have a habit of posting using bourbon as a foil)

one two
buckle my shoe
three four
why am I on the floor ?

why do I aim at this thing?
the urinal cake
as if there is some prize at stake
competitive streak…
for heaven’s sake
(probably been here too long in this contemplative state)

bourbon served
two ice cubes
two talls down
social lube
so I decide to up my game
but I approach
and forget my name
epic fail
I sit down
and have another round

@ work we try to out cornball each other, and honestly I win most of the time… here is something I thought of this week…

why was the auctioneer so mad?
because everyone was all up in his bid-ness