A simple thought from a familiar place…

A simple thought from a familiar place…

corn fields under white clouds with blue sky during daytime
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

field” 12.5.2018

oh, she had her days

but those are of far away, now

echoes trailing back revel in children’s laughter

of games, and lemonade, and summer

here she lies, overgrown

an outline of once the home

tucked away in the corner of a misplaced park

more forest than yard

tales are told upon the rust

the creeping vines covers them up

the base lines sleep underneath

now shallow paths of grass barely deep

as trees bear closer

as the times forget

this vessel of once happiness

resplendent in no regrets


somewhere, the spark

the magic that once lit the sky

endless childhood

the innocent times

all still reflected here

in this, abandoned field.

I took the photos what feels like ages ago (here), the words came to me yesterday, well, 2 days ago now that feels like yesterday in my real time. this park is so odd, it is right on a major road with tons of traffic everyday, feet away, a little enclave hidden in plain sight, so strange.

my line of work is so nuts this time of year (12 hour days every day 6 days), i had an install tonight in Bensonhurst Brooklyn, the area has gotten so much nicer just in my short time with my company (15 years), you would think driving home (at this late hour) would be a breeze but of course there was construction in Staten Island and also on the GSP (sigh…), I can’t win sometimes.

Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Park…

Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Park…

Sometimes something is right under your nose, and you take it for granted (even though it is granite), this site is literally within walking… er, I doubt I would walk that far, um, a 5 minute hop in the ole automobile thing from my abode, in past years (my youth, where did that go?) this site was in disrepair, and frankly quite sad, given the man (Thomas Alva Edison), enlightened us (quite literally), although his greatest invention is probably the phonograph (he bought the patent (rights) to the light bulb and made the real first working one, it wasn’t really his idea totally – initially), so with all my incessant babbling I am trying to say the Edison Memorial tower is right here in my home town of (drum roll) Edison! (New Jersey), I surely think locals treat this place like the Mt Rushmore of nowheresville but it is significant history right here in our backyard (quite literally, it is off a semi main road tucked into a neighborhood where Edison had a house).  I shot some video also of the site if you would like a virtual tour (which got interrupted by some of the local urban deer, I thought they might jump me, they looked tougher than venison usually is), luckily I escaped with my life from these rapscallions…



I think I would rather much prefer to live among the towers of flowers, given the preference of perspective, thank you very much.

(semi crappy photos from a rest area on the GSP, find beauty wherever you may go – it is there, just look and observe! This time of year there are just these vast fields of wild flowers all over the parkway…I felt I had to grab some pics, I should grab some more because in a blink these little suns will be gone…)

weird trippy music for my weird mood dude (and dudettes)….

Tiamat – The Desolate One

From a photo springs…

From a photo springs…

abandoned black and white blurred background countryside
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

so, my friend inspiration, well, my guide I suppose, or maybe my muse, how should I know, even after 2 score on this earth I am learning I know more every day but with that I realize how much less I know of the world, so I am trying to “go with it”,  ugh, sounds like a slug line…  but I am trying to look at all the little cracks in the world and find words to describe and spackle the little spaces, so, with all this verbosity what I am getting at is I saw a cool photo (on a blog I follow) and words jumped into my head:


ghost fence

your timber and frame

of shadow and rumor


both sharp and faded,

spelling your stories

up upon the wall

how far you go back

depends on the hour

the tilt of your perspective

depends on the angle

or is this night?

an apparition ?

a ghost created by light

a photo negative

in my earthly sight.

musical cloak :

King’s X – the difference

a sweet acoustic number from my favorite album of all time.

observations from my porch…

observations from my porch…

architecture building conifers daylight
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Again out here contemplating all things, looking out on the world (or just the little patch of here), after dinner, chinese take out, sort of a Sunday ritual here in New Jersey, I’m not sure why (convenience I suppose), they screwed up my order and gave me the wrong dish, such things used to really infuriate me – but hey I still got shrimp – either way

Summer, this is a quiet night (not silence, just… quiet), the audio volume of the summer insects seems light (like a gentle hum replacing a boisterous conversation), the usual strangle and yoke of summer humidity is decidedly relaxed, everything just seems… still, you really have to concentrate and stare to see the slightest movements of air in the very tops of the trees just to catch a glimpse, steal a peak, of the slightest breeze, the expected chatter and spunk of my neighborhood birds is quite absent, the occasional chirp here and there, a spare bird sneaks by without sound as if to not disturb this brokered peace

I hear car door shut on the next block but even with the sound it seems to say “I’m sorry”, the last light of day is pulling back, the last soft orange and purple hues illuminating just the clouds in the space of sky just above the treeline, the day’s horizon seems literally to end at the top of my street, because, alas – “perception is reality”, or so I read, in a fortune cookie I think.

add this to my “porch series“… I am trying to sit out on my porch and observe the world as it is.. in front of me… maybe you can feel my eyes, my sight, that is my aim, how can I know anything else?  I truly hope I can paint the picture in my words and ignite your mind.. ambitious, I agree, but something inside of me is telling me to do this… I would hope it is not just DNA or the will to live and pass on same… but I have my doubts… I always have my doubts.

escape hatch…

escape hatch…

Franklin Lakes, NJ Reservoir and surrounding lakes…

I was in the area for work for a couple of days… yes, this is New Jersey (stop snickering…).  A real treasure hidden up in the north of my home state.  Part of my quest to find beauty wherever I may go every day (if possible).  Taking a minute or two… or forty out of your day to just realize the amazing surroundings you have near you is important, I am trying to stop and smell the.. nah, I ain’t doing that cliche, but it is not wrong in intent, I have to say.

The mystique of a boutique airport.

The mystique of a boutique airport.

Teterboro airport… in North New Jersey… I thought it looked cool tonight so I pulled over and took a couple of pics.. I’m a writer, a poet, not a shutterbug, so forgive me you professionals out there… Although I dig the framing I did (on purpose, I swear) on pic 3 with that little utility house thing)… I wrote a poem about this airport (well, driving by it all the friggin time)… you can see the crossroads sign that references rt 46… road signs are a sure sign of a particular country, something we take for granted… think about it… even here by me we have great diversity in street signs town to town (how about by you?)… someone should write a blog about such things.. but what do I know….