From a photo springs…

From a photo springs…

abandoned black and white blurred background countryside
Photo by Pixabay on

so, my friend inspiration, well, my guide I suppose, or maybe my muse, how should I know, even after 2 score on this earth I am learning I know more every day but with that I realize how much less I know of the world, so I am trying to “go with it”,  ugh, sounds like a slug line…  but I am trying to look at all the little cracks in the world and find words to describe and spackle the little spaces, so, with all this verbosity what I am getting at is I saw a cool photo (on a blog I follow) and words jumped into my head:


ghost fence

your timber and frame

of shadow and rumor


both sharp and faded,

spelling your stories

up upon the wall

how far you go back

depends on the hour

the tilt of your perspective

depends on the angle

or is this night?

an apparition ?

a ghost created by light

a photo negative

in my earthly sight.

musical cloak :

King’s X – the difference

a sweet acoustic number from my favorite album of all time.

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