Dobbs Ferry, NY

Dobbs Ferry, NY

two person riding boat on body of water
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since my “rebirth” or “awakening” (or just realization to get my ass going) I am trying to look and observe to “find beauty wherever it may be“… beauty in nature, a flower, a bee hopping from one lily bloom to another, a child with their mother, a father teaching his child to ride a bike… but also in knowledge, there is beauty in knowledge learned and forgotten – even common knowledge that lies just beneath your surface eyes, like the very name of a place, how often do you think about the names of towns where you putter about in your little fishbowl of life, our turf, our own streets and yet the historical grounds of “why” in a name might escape the mundane every day, so, that is why Dobbs Ferry sang out to me and caused these words and subsequent thoughts.  So, you might be asking why Dobbs Ferry David ?  Certainly that seems like a prudent question from you.  I had work call me there this saturday, not the first time I have been and actually I have family in the town (hello Lottermans!), but it dawned on me how this little section of the Hudson is probably little known in the rest of the country (or world for that matter),  the first little tidbit that stuck in my craw was the actual name “ferry”, how soon we forget in this modern age modes of transport of the old days, but a ferry was rather important, so you had a dude named “Dobbs” who literally ran a ferry, and the the name just becomes common happenstance lost to the plowing of time across generations, but back to this area of NY, it is not very far from the city proper, but you might as well be on another world, a quaint little town on the river with stunning views, even in the colder months, just seemingly a forgotten stretch even for people who live just across the river (ahem, here in my mighty garden state).. so check out Dobbs Ferry  (there is a lot of history there – including revolutionary war stuff), I also get to visit Hastings-On-The-Hudson (the coolest looking fire department I have seen!) and Cold Spring (dutchess county wine tours people!)… and one of my favorite things up there is the Bear Mountain Bridge but I do not want to get too distracted from my original post (as I might be known to do).

a water themed musical thing…

Voivod – The Prow

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