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OK, to be honest (and why wouldn’t I be, seems rude to be lying to a complete stranger) this isn’t your typical ‘about me’ page, but then again I do not consider myself typical… and if you stick around for more than a minute or two you will probably concur…

July 2021…

person holding lighted sparkler
Photo by Tairon Fernandez on Pexels.com

Wow… looks like I have not had much about to about about… it was a strange year, a forgotten year? Maybe… More like a rogue wave that swept the normalcy away for a while and to be honest are we there yet? at that normal destination? the assimilation of our previous sameness and the new covid reality? somewhere in between I suppose… either way it kept me from doing the usual housekeeping here in my house, such as it is, the loss of my father still seems to exist in a vacuum, like we have been ex-communicated or something, no chance to mourn as a family, like watching something on the tele, just not real, I half expect him to walk in the door and I often see him in my dreams, a voice so distinct, so real, well, in a sense a dream is real, or maybe touching another dimension where the dead can meet the living, why not? there is no harm in that, and who knows what lies down the road until we travel it ourselves, for we will, even if we want to hang onto this life, that’s the deal, unless I am informed otherwise by the wise sage we have many monikers for, but in the end my molecules will be spread, into the ocean, for if that is my ultimate end, let part of me become the sea, and travel the world chasing the sunset…


August 2020…

steel wool of fire cracker
Photo by Fabiano Rodrigues on Pexels.com

The summer of love baby!  Or perhaps better named the ‘Masquerade of our Age’, will this charade never end? My non-optimistic side loudly thinks we will be wandering around like Bedouin for some time in this strange covid tainted wilderness… Heat wave upon heat wave has hit these shores of late making me almost (almost) wish for cooler days, August! August already! I feel panicked to get more days in at the beach while the window is still open… and then I remember I do go to the beach in the cold months for the motion of the ocean (and lack of crowds)… I was social distancing before it became a thing, how prescient of me, but, I must admit, there is some inside pressure there to go out and do something before the hemisphere slides back into cold, my plan to visit all the decent size waterfalls in NJ has certainly not come to fruition, a combination of lack of ambition and my day off not cooperating with the weather deities, but I will get around it, I swear! (said the procrastinator to his favorite chair) probably, in my normal fashion, I will tasmanian devil myself up, spin through all the sites in a week or so and then settle back in to my usual internal transmission, flip back on my fave channel and sit back awhile, until the next inspiration peels my bum up from the seated position of comfort, I don’t like to think of time here as finite, I don’t think any of us do, but ignoring a thing never made a thing not exist or happen, I suppose ignore can be a rest stop but you never really stop moving through time, just have to remind myself of that and try to drink up as much of this cosmic soup as possible while I am still around…

David fact of the moment: I suck at baseball. I think, like a shark during an attack, when I swing the bat my eyes would close, who else do you know who could strike out @ t-ball?

May 2020…

summer vintage flower daisy
Photo by Xuan Hoa Le on Pexels.com

And the strange spring presses on… I would say my site is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get… but of course this is nothing like a box of chocolates, I’m allergic to chocolate anyway, and this site is not a box, or… well, maybe sort of, in a browser perhaps it is, technically a box, but I imagine more like a planter box on a window where I can allow things to grow, hopefully that is the way things will go, this seems near a light at the end of the damn covid tunnel, I hope, could be the weather pulling us up all by the straps, I hope… and I do, remember to have hope and instill the same, I try and distill my version down for presentation, my boss would say there is no such thing as “try” just “do”… yeah, he is sort of like a big version of Yoda that way, but I do see value in trying, as long as that trying is doing, make sense? If not, well, what can I say, I not the flavor for all palates, and I am cool with that…

David fact of the moment: I was born in my hometown. Yes, that sounds mundane but hear me out.  I was adopted, so my ‘birth’ mother might be someone I ran into in my hometown a thousand times, sounds like a premise for a TV show…. except in reality it is not so exciting and no such meeting has taken place (well, as far as I know). My brother was imported, he was born in Virginia.

February 2020…

close up of rabbit on field
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

New Year, same old fears, same old dice, watching re-runs of Miami Vice… That was seriously cool back then ? I must say that I was a much bigger fan of Moonlighting, not that that is an important fact.  This has been quite the non wintry winter in these parts.  The wild and mildly tamed northern lands of New Jersey have barely seen a flake, and that my friends, is not a complaint.  Apparently all the cold air is stuck up north somewhere (sorry, Alaska), bottled up around the North Pole (seems right to me for the cold to call that region home and stay there).  I saw two baby jack rabbits on the lawn the other night. Well, they were babies or the equivalent of bunny midgets one in the same. Tricks to the eyes this pair of jacks as the were exactly the same size and seemed to move in strange unison to thwart the threat they perceived of me.  I tried telling them I am no such thing, a predator that is, but my Jackanese is not as sharp as it used to be, nor my ESP. If only I could get the word out in their little community that I’m not such a bad guy, eh, I’ll keep trying.

David fact of the moment: On a dare I once snorted some red pepper flakes, not worth it, take my word on that one folks.

snowy pathway surrounded by bare tree
Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

December 2019… to remember, a new year fast approaching, holidays encroaching, snow fall brings prayer of a spring thaw, so far off in the distance now, but, as these things go, I’ll blink, and the whole thing will turn over on it’s head and I will be complaining about humidity again, this time of year always feels like sort of a countdown, not to a race, but to the end, like waiting for a clock to roll over to just past ten, somehow, even if you know time is constant it has a funny way of slowing down when you are paying attention, then there is all the pining for a white x-mas, I will settle for a quiet one, as I am on call, certified doctor for self check out terminals, not exactly as lofty as a real physician but on call just the same, looking forward to the last full moon of the year, 12/12/12 12:12… seriously !  seems like a big deal, maybe I will howl or something, another year, how they pass on by.

David fact of the moment: if I were to win the lottery, I would disappear rather quick, I would buy an island and fish the days away looking out on to Florida bay…

girl holding pumpkin
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

October 2019… the pride of eight, but yet the tenth month, holy holdover batman… the month where demons and candy delight, you can become something other worldly else as the world shed’s her clothes (except for those prude pines and evergreens), falling leaves, the sweet and musty smell of decay on the ever cooling breeze, the rustle and tussle underfoot, as all the animals make their final preparations, play time is over, the basking and racing under a blazing sun days are gone, just a hint here and there but soon the nights are more silent, no crickets hum, no locust choirs, mosquitoes die off and are replaced by other vampires, a time for chimneys to reactivate, test the flue, light up a paper wrapped log or two, listen to the crackle, awaiting the winds that howl in just a couple of moon cycles, the last of the harvest rung, the time of winter… has begun.

David fact of the moment: the best ghost tours I have been on (so far) have been in Plymouth, Massachusetts with a close second to St. Augustine.

nature summer yellow animal

August 2019… the pride of lions, the peak of summer fury, beach balls, splashing water, the distant tune of the ice cream truck approaching (still gives me a little rush even to this day … got pavlov?), skunks hit by cars, the interminable mosquitoes lancing, lightning bugs gliding with no thunder, thunderstorms, vicious rain hits pavement and steams, grass grasps with thirst and browns, all these things, like clockwork, arrive yearly upon my doorstep in this most magnificent of months…  oh yeah, and my birth day, I admit I am a bit biased, the experiment marches on, self exploration and inner thoughts shared with an audience of some, more than one less than ten thousand, I’ll take it…

David fact of the moment: I went to summer camp in the Catskills for five years, the best thing ever was Color War every year, these days that is probably bad word choice…

hot air balloons on the sky during sunset time

June June June bug… not as cool as the jitter bug (does that date me? sheesh).  I feel like summer is already over when it is surely just a few days old, I guess I know what is coming and how fast this time will blur before my eyes, I am truly trying to take it all in, to take a pause, a moment, before I get in my car in the morning, I try to take a deep breath and just look around, and realize all that is going on to make all this possible, the earth literally spinning and liquid magma beneath the ground, I would like to give a big shout out to my pal, gravity, for without thee, this would have been a much shorter trip (thanks bro!), if Newton only knew, I wish I could whisper it in his ear all those years ago, but perhaps Johnny Appleseed would have been a better messenger, or even William Tell, but I digress, where the hell was I?  where the hell am I?  oh yeah, catch me summer gazing, if that is a thing, if not it is now to me, us in the northern hemisphere need to soak it all in… so I shall, well, that’s the plan anyway…

David fact of the moment: I only like Fender guitars, I started out playing a ’81 Bullet and once I got used to the way the Fender fret board is – nothing else felt right since… current axe: Fender Strat Elite (mine happens to be emerald green however)

baby in white onesie
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

April 1 2019, a year ago, the day I chose to launch this project, or more specifically to try and claw my way back to being me after a long hiatus of just being, the fact that this is April Fool’s day is no coincidence, because I have surely been that in my life in spades, I have had a relatively easy life by all standards, true, but that does not mean I have not struggled in my own depths, this site, this experiment is me struggling along the road to try and reassemble what once was or what will be, a promise to myself, shared with readers, I’m not nearly all put back together, I don’t have all the king’s men at the task, just this husk of fibers running this meat on bones mannequin navigating through the universe in this time, my time, the only time I will ever know as far as I know, so thanks to any and all who have gotten something out of this, even if just a glimpse, I am an optimist mired in brutal truth and logic, trying to shed that which holds me back, mostly of my own accord, looking out at that great ocean wishing to break my moorings and sail out into the unknown, to me. my home and a state of happiness, my goal.

David fact of the moment: I have lived in New Jersey most of my life with a memorable detour in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for some years, and those years remain with me, always will.

silhouette photo of standing man holding camera looking at fireworks display
Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

Jan. 2019 Ah, the new year, I guess I am just glad to be here, and I am, in the grip of a cold spell, by the news you would think we are in some rare space, but of course this is just winter, storms have names now, so a snowstorm can have some personality I suppose, I think everything has slowed down, or at least it seems that way, these days of winter, dark in the morning and at night driving home, at least the xmas lights temporarily offered a reprieve from the doldrums of the bleak, I feel I have so many questions that can not possibly have answers, and others which I surely know the answers for but do not want to hear them.

David fact of the moment: I have an older brother who was quite the handful growing up.  Since he was only a year older I endured the wrath of his teachers the year after he blew through. Quite arrogant for them to think that we are nearly the same, for we are not.

snowman and drum decor
Photo by Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush on Pexels.com

December… the official gatekeeper to the cold (well, at least here in this hemisphere, how often we forget which side of the tilt we are on), I have been better about posting some movie/TV reviews but this time of year is tough in my business, well, OK, my boss’ business, supermarket computers (NCR), Thanksgiving and Xmas are the biggies in the industry, aside from black friday things are nutballs until after Xmas, everyone has a different ebb and flow to their business year I suppose (I actually am on call for Xmas, 15 years running), I have not been writing as much as a result, tough to find inspiration when you are dog tired, but I should summon up the energy I suppose, suck it up buttercup!

David fact of the moment: I once got stuck in the snow and feared for my life. During a blizzard in the 80s I remember the snow piled up feet high along the driveway. So deep we built tunnels but instead I wanted to climb to the top, and did. And my foot sank along with my leg, utterly stuck and in distress, I had to be pulled out with my boots still quite embedded in the snow bank.

autumn avenue bench fall
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

November 2018, I elect to be in southern Maryland, of course when you are on vacation it is like not being in reality, and some people who might read this maybe can not even vacation as they please (as I do), I am not wealthy per se but I am better off than most in the world probably, I don’t feel for a second guilty about that, I work my ass off for what I have, and sure, life does not provide the same opportunities for everyone born in all places at all times, I can not control that, I can not be held responsible for that, I can only be me and try to have empathy for all else, maybe this blog is all about that, trying to stretch myself out to the world for exploration, I can never know what it is to be you reading this, it is impossible, as much as we would like to think we can ever know someone else, we can’t, we can just do the best we can in our own realm.  Well, at least that is what I think is the truth, I am always open to suggestion, thought, and all that, as I am not a perfect being, far from it, but I understand (and sometimes loathe) my shortcomings, I know what I can be, but it is up to me to be that, at the end of the day I look in the mirror and see this husk covering all of this, this life, all of me, all the knowing, all the smarts, all the feeling, it is all there, I know what to do, but do I move it forward or do I remain a lazy coward ?… or do I lay in between… doing just enough…

Oct 29…. did you know I write Beer Reviews ? (you do now), and I also review media (TV/Films/Anime etc) , not as often as I want too…

October 2018… so you think I am a normal blogger ?  nah, I blog here on my about page in secret, well, not such a well kept secret I guess as anyone can click on it (maybe I am not as clever as I think), there is no schedule here, just when I feel like posting an update, October is a month of change here in New Jersey, you really see the forces of nature @ work, things are literally dying or preparing for the long slumber of winter, we all want to hold onto the last rays of the warm summer sun but all the while under our feet the earth is literally shifting away from the sun (for us, not the southern hemisphere), the leaves are falling, Thanksgiving will be here before we know it (the big family get together before Xmas / Hanukah), the cycle of life, and before I know it we will be at my one year anniversary in this experiment of a blog, the day was April 1st, fools day, because I had the love of my life and lost it like a fool, it is easy to look back and say that, I know, but sometimes, with all my intelligence and gifts, somewhat squandered, I need to strive harder and for more, and I think that is the point of my blog, some people get it, maybe more as time goes on, not sure, it doesn’t matter in the long run, if I can help myself and a few others than we are all good, that’s the point.  As usual this post is just off the top of my noggin, I am leaving it as a message in a bottle for those who find themselves lost on this particular beach, I am truly thankful to anyone who reads though all of this, maybe it makes sense to you, and that is cool, signing out, your unknown friend from New Jersey, the garden state.

ball ball shaped blur color
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

August 2018, so, the summer is fading, but not without a roar (get it… a leo reference), I am a lion, am I effective? hmm, a more difficult question, I do love the summer, but only for the warming, the hope, the thing instilled in me as a kid (we had summers off from school – went to camp – so unreal), but it is all over in a flash, that bikini bod can now mash on mash, so strange how we are slaves to the seasons here, but it makes time mean something, I quite remember Florida, Xmas lights on palm trees, the folly, time flies down there, or least it did for me, but what do I know, I was a transplant, in another pot, and of course there was her, and I have not been repaired, but I guess Florida does that.

July 2018…. I thought I could blog here as well.. instead of having a static “about” page…. I mean, who would notice? who would care?  and this is all to amuse…. well… me.  If you are reading this, well, thanks, but this is an outlet for me personally… any people reading this is totally gravy, I am not ungrateful by any means (thank you reader) but my satisfaction does not reside in the affirmation of others, rather I dare to stoke hope of inspiring others, light a flame, start a fire, kick that damn fire hating bear in the ass… well, OK not that… but man he puts a lot of pressure on people “only YOU can prevent forest fires.. only YOU”… that bear is a dick… we can all share the ecologic responsibility fer crissakes, I hope he gets kidnapped and is forced to work in a russian circus riding a unicycle.

animal africa zoo lion
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

ORIGINAL about page blurb: How boring.  Contemplate.  All you need to know is in my posts… they will be more honest…hmm..(thinking)… well more accurate than a laundry list.  Can telling you where I am from inform you on my poems ? I suppose. But can it also taint and tip favor ?  One never knows, but again, I suppose.  I’m a New Jersey kid, not like Ralph Macchio though.  I can never imagine being away from the coast (lakes don’t count in my book, this is if I was published).  I carry treats for dogs and love to plant bamboo.  Whatever that carries (up to you).

I write for myself, just something I do, something I have always done.  My pen is mightier than a sword, only because my pen is a gun (double oh 7 style…).

So sit back or wifi to enjoy. These are real words (well.. sometimes a clever decoy).


if you perchance like my style (hell, I sure do), check out my Media review page over on the facebook….

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