The Mission (as it were)

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Well, since my about page is really not about being about, I figured I would just share the basic thought, thrust and meaning of what I am doing here (or at least attempting). So… if I were to draft talking points for description, here they would be:

My purpose: rather simple, I do consider myself an artist (a veritable wizard of words), not always seriously, sometimes a clown, often a jester or in other instances a deep diver trying to crack the code to the most profound parts of this existence (which we share, coincidentally). This space, this blog, this spaghetti thrown against the universe is a reflection, a reaction, a rendering, and various pieces… of me.

Shortly before starting this ride I realized I had been ignoring my creative side for sometime and that expressing such a  release is a good thing for my mental well being (such as it is).

I am gainfully employed so this is not a commercial enterprise.  Would I love to be rich and garner international acclaim from writing ?  Well, I can’t say the silly thought has not danced gleefully across my mind.  Dreamers gotta dream… but at the end of the day I am very satisfied (humbled actually) that anyone takes a moment, or a few, to spend their time checking me out, er, I mean checking out my mental tango parlor.

Most of my works, near ninety percent, a totally arbitrary number, but close by guess, are one drafts or one offs, I don’t chew on my work, I write, I release it upon the earth, just my thing, could or would I be better suited ‘working’ on it?  sure… perhaps, but that is just not me, so raw dog writing it is.

So… that is my mission, to share myself, my inner thoughts, my dreams and fears – that form the art that springs from my specific well – across these pages, accessible to the world, or the lucky stragglers that take that good uturn to venture down my internet path… and to perhaps also turn you on to some cool tunes, I am quite opinionated in that arena…