Karma karma karma chameleon…

Karma karma karma chameleon…

close up photography of brown deer during daytime
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Karma, as it were, as it was, as it is… has a sense of humor, or is it more on the tree of irony? probably the latter, regardless of my navel karma gazing as fate would have it, I posted a little thought, quip, thing about roadkill in my last post, so the boomerang swung back around these ways today and lo and on hold one of my road technicians struck a deer, not some rare occurrence in these parts mind you, but the timing seemed like a nod, fortunately my tech was unscathed, the deer? not so much, and as it turns out it was a fawn, yes a baby deer… I hate to admit it, maybe not, but things pop into my head and I share them, much to the horror of my administrative assistant Irene (you would think she would be used to it by now)… I had to…I just had to… I blurted out (with much pent up glee like a little kid)…
“he put the BAM in Bambi!”
I giggled like a little girl, I just couldn’t help myself, I was officially giddy beyond belief, with no guilt, would me being sorry or contrite restore life? no… c’mon now. call it gallows humor or what ever the matter, sometimes you have to laugh at circumstance or conveyance of typical human behavior, we all pretend as if our butterfly wings fluttering matter, admit it, I do, we expect we have some push on the universe, in a sense we do because we exist, but in the general scheme of things making fun of the macabre or anything… is nothing and amounts to nothing, so smile, laugh, not at a fellow other’s expense but sometimes at the expense that has been paid and laid by those before us, for they can not laugh for us…

random silly (or not) thought…

random silly (or not) thought…

close up portrait of a antelope


perhaps, a perfect word… perhaps the most apt word, at least right now, you can imagine the circumstance though that made me realize same….


perfection if you are a word nerd, has there ever been a better term ? it can not be confused with something else, at least not to me, the perfection of it just hit me like (I want to say a ton of bricks but man that is used….), it hit me like a halibut (that sounds quirky enough so I will go with that)

a summer song (poem)

a summer song (poem)

(related to my previous post, I just wasn’t done writing it last night, I am happier with the flow now…. perfect? eh, probably not, but when in the moment…)

woman stands on mountain over field under cloudy sky at sunrise
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a summer song
walking in the sun
on sand on street on lawn
transports me back to youth
a child’s time, set the loose,
all structure was built on wonder
in that first moment we discover
a bird a bee a bush
a squirrel a jack a clover
allowing the developing mind to ponder
without the fear that bears us forward
I wish I might have stayed
a child – just a bit longer
or grant the power from within
to once again – grow younger,
walking in the sun,
transformed once more to youth
for even for a moment’s pause
bask in that most basic truth

musical musing for the evening… maybe not obscure… but man I love this song…

>>>>>>> Temple of the Dog – Hunger Strike

tonight’s view from the porch…

tonight’s view from the porch…

sunglasses sunset summer sand
Photo by Nitin Dhumal on Pexels.com

Walking barefoot in the sun, I feel once again young, as if I am looking down at my feet and seeing a child’s body, my body, walking in the sun, a t-shirt and shorts, destinations and appointments give way to innocent desires and pursuits, this feels like the summer I remember in my bones, the warm laziness that calms all membranes, the quelling of all senses, for a moment I utterly bask.

I park my car under a tree, so, things happen in the natural order of things, so I figure I might hose it off as I just had it proper washed on friday, so in the midst of aiming to knock off the bird presents for a moment the hose jerked up, and the breeze picked up, mist sprays into the air almost like slow motion each drop frozen shimmering in the sun, misting me up the legs up my arms and my face, there is immediate revulsion but then a hugely wide smile, there – I am taken into an immediate transfer back in time, I’m a child, with other children, running through a lawn sprinkler on a day just like this, so vivid I can hear and taste the moment, how the water felt on my skin, the belief that we could jump through unwashed or untouched, ‘oh that next jump’, the pure hope of children, such a simple thing, more memorable than some fancy vacation to a posh destination, there is more in slices of life like that than can ever be paid for, the simplicity of a hose attached to a fan sprinkler and the mad dash to jump over them (to be nimbler than jack), such distilled existence, purity of joy and fun with nothing attached to it, no expectations, just the next moment, maybe that is the problem with adulthood, all these outward layers we collect bear us down, in that it is like everything else, you pick up things as you travel, you fill your house, and unless occasion or circumstance demands you to down-size… will you?

I am not saying strip down your clothing until you are a child again, that would be a simplistic thing and I would be a fool doctor to prescribe such a prescription, but maybe take a look around and see what actually benefits and supports your life – and what does not, be that a trinket or a person or a person of trinkets, try to mine down to the things, that are the purest version of your thoughts, you will know them when the shovel hits them, for now I want to go walk in the sun some more, letting my toes explore the lawn, step on an itchy ball or three, let my skin absorb the sun to the point of just sweat, and maybe.. maybe find a sprinkler to jump through (and hopefully not break a leg)

(I escape tonight, with a smile and filled with satisfaction)

this is part of my porch series… early afternoon edition in this case…

musichumanmeshdance “thesecretnumbertwelve”

give it a chance, it is hypnotic…

a quote about heroes…

a quote about heroes…

city sky france flag
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“if all the heroes of the world should rise again…
there still would not be enough of them”



who wrote it ?  me. again this was not on purpose for memorial day but perhaps the muse thought it so…

music? one of my fave underrated bands comes to mind…

>>>>> Warrior Soul – Hero

they had a string of three albums that was mind blowing, they had big label support but for whatever reason they never broke big, they had a unique sound, unique front man, I’ll never understand why but those that loved them truly did, as usual comments and likes are appreciated, this is all my original content, this is me, some guy in new jersey, the garden state, who does… appreciate any and all eye balls, I am convinced there are people out there wired like me, I am certainly not mainstream, I gave that up a long time ago…

a prayer for the fallen…

a prayer for the fallen…

american back view burial cemetery
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“a prayer for the fallen,
for they shall not rise again
a moment for the forgotten
so we shall know their acts remain
to those who came before
to those with which we leave,
a prayer for the fallen,
with these words may you take heed
let now the world’s foundation
build inspiration from their deeds”

notes… I did not plan to write this, I wrote it a few days ago but it seems apt for Memorial Day.  I have no military in my family and in fact it seems discouraged (one day I will write a missive about that), what is more noble than sacrificing yourself for others to do nothing (or something) with their freedom? sure, is every soldier a pure soul ? no.  but there are those that are literally on the front line battling for our right to blog here on wordpress and other such trivial pursuits (as much as I think art is important, it is, without warriors would we even have the chance to express ourselves ?).  I know it is trite to say Freedom is not free… but it is not, I am in the debt of those that came before to give me a life where I can explore the world via my mind and my art, thank you, the unknown, the nameless, the creator (whatever that may be), every free breath is a gift… goddamn I have to remember this.. I have to motivate myself further… life matters… life matters…

some haiku from this afternoon…

some haiku from this afternoon…

3/5/3 form, distilled, if you will and you should, if you could, but let’s not dwell…

rock formations near sea
Photo by Amanda Klamrowski on Pexels.com

a bird on a wire
questions me

soft green leaf
enjoy the high life
while you can

the sunset
has an appointment

full with the remains
last season

weaving twigs
the mother cardinal
prepares four

invert trees
the roots have no leaves
like winter

last daylight
certainly overstays
-gone too soon

the dartboard
a clock with no hands
eye will win

notes… technically I wrote this on my porch but it was different from those musings… this is my blog so, I do what I want, If you dig it, I am grateful, if not there is plenty of other grapefruit to ponder.

music... COM TRUISE… that’s all, retro electronica, sounds 80s but yet somehow modern-ish…  NJ guy as well so I am partial to that…

thoughts from the porch…

thoughts from the porch…

clouds dark dark clouds darkness
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

the clouds seem to want to have a conversation tonight, I am not sure what about, they seem quite still, shadows painted flat against the blue, not a blue recognizable as a hue you would associate with day, a blue looking over a ledge right before it fades into black, but still perceptibly blue even at almost nine at night, a commercial flight blinking as it moves across the main face, pulsing in and out, passing in and out,  just as a car passes by, symmetry in random things, a sign? or just reading the page nature has laid out in front of me…

“I’ll surely miss this one day”

so, I must, with my best intent soak it all in, but then, for a moment I notice the yellow jacket lady has a hitch in her walking steps, and that little detail manages to spirit my attention away, until the subtle shfff shfff scrape shfff shfff scrape fades, no matter how much we stop and look at the world in frame, the world is content to whirl around us never stopping, an unpredictable machine with infinite parts, we announce to the universe that we know the ticks, the gears, the hands, but we are still landlocked on this one planetary earth, as sophisticated as we are… string theory, dark matter, chaos theory, astrophysics, a holographic universe, the multiverse, buckyball (I just wanted to throw that in there because of the name), the god particle (higss boson), all fascinating areas to stretch our limited knowledge wider (and I revel in immersing in all these things as possibility is imagination, dreams into reality essentially), but there is also equal satisfaction in staring at the variance of leaves on a simple single tree, as I am doing now, there is enchantment in looking at what we might ignore in the very daily day but it is it’s own complex network of molecules and matter in a nearly infinite scale, I can get lost in the peaks and valleys in just a tree I planted some years ago with these hands, fascination, watching the subtle twitches from insects or a breeze, mesmerizing, I find myself lost in the moment for a moment or some, another plane breaks through, a train calls out in the distance, as the clouds are fading back into the darkening sky, I forgot by now, what was I going to ask them, what were they going to say ?

writing notes idea class
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notes… (this is part of my porch project)..  I was going to post something else tonight but then I sat outside and as I always say “this wrote itself”, because that is the way the muse works through me, I don’t know if this piece conveys the feeling of peace I felt, if not, well, it was…peaceful,  I highly recommend finding a quiet space from the rat race of daily life daily if you can, stripped away of these electronic things (which I equally love to be fair), but just sit there and take it all in, look for details you might have missed…


silhouette of person holding glass mason jar
Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

Epicuros – Interstellar

Excellent (amazing) ambient space music… maybe I should post these links before my posts as music to read the post by?  I am writing this listening to this… I imagine traveling as light through space…

a little Game of Thrones poem…

a little Game of Thrones poem…

ash blaze burn burning
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

From time to time these hit me, not the first time, so of course my watch has ended, I won’t go all Aaron Rodgers on you here, I have a media review page for that (if you care to see my opinion about such things), but this blog is about my creative work and working to be a better person (not necessarily in that order or ever clear), this falls more in the creative work category because certainly a TV show is not reality but isn’t all art some reflection of reality? including TV… well, except those reality TV shows… damn I hate those, anyway… here is a little ditty…

animal cold color fog
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


for Winter has truly come
all along the smoldering ruins
past the walls of King’s Landing
covered now but not by snow
but by the souls of those once living,
a pride of lions proved no match
for the wrath of a phoenix writhing
forever to unmask
the absolution of power’s binding,
two once bright suns did crash
one if by brick, one if by steel
and within their lover’s arms reveal
love can exceed even that of death
and break the bonds of reasoned men

of course I have to end with this….  and all re-posts, likes, snowballs, spitballs and all sorts of diatribes.. are welcome, if you spent time reading this, thanks, I’ll never know it but perhaps screaming in the wind catches a few ears.