Karma karma karma chameleon…

Karma karma karma chameleon…

close up photography of brown deer during daytime
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Karma, as it were, as it was, as it is… has a sense of humor, or is it more on the tree of irony? probably the latter, regardless of my navel karma gazing as fate would have it, I posted a little thought, quip, thing about roadkill in my last post, so the boomerang swung back around these ways today and lo and on hold one of my road technicians struck a deer, not some rare occurrence in these parts mind you, but the timing seemed like a nod, fortunately my tech was unscathed, the deer? not so much, and as it turns out it was a fawn, yes a baby deer… I hate to admit it, maybe not, but things pop into my head and I share them, much to the horror of my administrative assistant Irene (you would think she would be used to it by now)… I had to…I just had to… I blurted out (with much pent up glee like a little kid)…
“he put the BAM in Bambi!”
I giggled like a little girl, I just couldn’t help myself, I was officially giddy beyond belief, with no guilt, would me being sorry or contrite restore life? no… c’mon now. call it gallows humor or what ever the matter, sometimes you have to laugh at circumstance or conveyance of typical human behavior, we all pretend as if our butterfly wings fluttering matter, admit it, I do, we expect we have some push on the universe, in a sense we do because we exist, but in the general scheme of things making fun of the macabre or anything… is nothing and amounts to nothing, so smile, laugh, not at a fellow other’s expense but sometimes at the expense that has been paid and laid by those before us, for they can not laugh for us…

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