Universal Love(r)s… (a poem)

Universal Love(r)s… (a poem)

blue and red galaxy artwork
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Dearest Andromeda,
how long have we been
twin galaxy
twin system
for your beauty has never withered
on that celestial vine
your wardrobe of stars
gathers ever closer to mine
the space between us dwindles
as we hurtle to collide
but for now I can admire
your perfect spiral glance
to bathe in the goodness of your light
as fate reveals our path
through, all of the black of this infinite space,
your vision,
propels me on,
drawn, drawn to your arms
the gravity of eons
for we shall become,
one –
my universal love
always in my eye, my heart, my mind
my horizon,
my dearest Andromeda
my eternal love.

notes… if you did not know our galaxy is on a collision course with the Andromeda galaxy (relax it will happen a few billion years from now), our nearest big neighbor, not our nearest galaxy, the collision is inevitable, the strange thing is that when galaxies collide not that much may happen unless the black hole cores merge, two galaxies can actually pass through each other quite easily, in space there is a ton of… (wait for it)… SPACE! seriously, there is so much room between stars that whole galaxies can pass through each other with nary a collision, imagine that, ponder that, space is just that vast, now you know why I am trying to realign my mind here to realize how small we are and try to focus on what is important… logic/science balanced with emotion, it’s worth a shot, I am trying….

music… I could go weird ambient here but I am not in the mood, how about a rock band that never got their due…

>> Mindfunk – Drowning

and all thoughts, comments, likes, hates, spitballs, fake pizza deliveries and band referrals are appreciated, thanks y’all…

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