A Poem a Day…

A Poem a Day…

…keeps antelope-canyon-lower-canyon-arizona.jpgsomeone away I suppose.  Those who might prefer a menu to prose… Still plugging away on some 2017 material, here are three more to toss into the ether… for better or for worse, bathwater and all.

prurient” 2017


of the viper’s mask

the omniscient ticking of the heart

the vessel

once cavern now glut

swells with sin


a chide

a cause

a curse.

carved” 2017

ancient tree

scarred with the abuse of seasons

initials of love

upon a park” 2017

conversation of pigeons

busy about

one false move – riot!

to calm.


pebbles skip-sink to the bottom

ripples drown out

into the mouth

of the horizon

A couple poems for the weekend…

A couple poems for the weekend…

pexels-photo-326117.jpegA couple more from 2017… I will get current one of these days (soon… no, really!).   I remember writing these but I do not remember the mood I was in… even though they were on the same scrap of paper, birthed at the same time. Much like fraternal twins I suppose.

temper” 2017

molten rise

under the skin

surging lava veins

crimson smoldering eyes

breathing deep molten ash

held barely in




northern star” 2017

northern star

afar, how far?

a million light caress

in the palm

bathed in valleys and riverbeds


northern star

a dream, a life

a reason to be

a guiding light


northern star

brilliant death

illuminates the fall –

ascension –

now to become the star once more.

Thoughts and comments (or taunts and breath-mints) are always welcome. Email me or post under the posts, thanks!

A few quick hitters…

A few quick hitters…


From 2017, a few “shorter” works… not that size matters (I’m talking poems people!)

I’m particularly partial to “find”, one of those pure things you just write in one motion and it all just ‘fits’.  Comments/Thoughts/Insults and all else appreciated.


Architect” 2017



a shipwreck of bones

gravity climb

on moonlight

an exercise

in quixotic dreaming mind

untitled” 2017 (1)

the embers of my life

the flames I never maintained




what burns brightly in a hot memory?





find” 2017

whilst they find my body

whilst they find my bones

was I worth remembering

I will never know.

Upon Calvert Cliffs, MD

Upon Calvert Cliffs, MD

Calvert Cliffs, MD

So I do not (generally) write too much while visiting Scientist Cliffs MD but I found an exception from some work back in 2016.  I also have some short videos on my nascent YouTube account if you want to get a feel for the area. I have a go-pro now so next time I will get better video (from my kayak). Anyway… to the words!



untitled 11/2016” scientist cliffs, md

the cliffs of calvert

stone work wrought by tireless wash

lulled by wind and waves

left to ponder and erode


grottoes caverns and tiny holes

and with time and weight

tide circulates

never ceasing march

on winter or spring

or storms lashing or calm pause

thunder to crash

dawn and gentle lapse

all in and all out

all in and all out

and then back again

never ending


rocks to sand.

Works reaching back to 2007…

Works reaching back to 2007…

pexels-photo-1002545.jpegStill catching up on some older stuff… not much else to say on this one.  I’ll let the words speak for themselves. (although I do have a special place in my heart for “rear view”… it is something that I think about often, an image I have never been able to forget to this day)

thoughts on new years on the henry hudson” 1/6/2007

breakers on the west side

a new year is want to rise

the old man is spry in the west

broken back by bending jets

rear view” 4/14/2007

I know not of death

for I am alive

these thirty odd years

but should I know legion

as when my mind drifts

to the day.

a passing kiss to the forehead

of you, my love,

the sleepless night

into that inevitable dawn.


rear view mirror

a lasting portrait –

of death in the first morning sun.


you, are standing there alone

but I must go

tears but a simple sympathy

to perhaps ease the mind

the heart bears the scars

not the eyes.


a portrait

that never leaves my gallery

of thought

in dreams comes to life

and as I wake,

as visions subside

the years gone in just a blink

pages turn

but a mark never leaves the edge


as I take upon every breath

wonder, fear,

I am alive

and as I am

will I always love her?

staring there

rear view

she is ever standing there.

untitled” 5/2007

on the dew

the dawn of wake

a quiet silence



clouds nestled between

skyward stretching branches

and light

morning light

warms my brow

a special commencement poem…

a special commencement poem…


This was something that quite literally came to me.  I don’t suppose to understand the nature of the universe but one has to question things when inspiration just reaches out and grabs you. I was driving home Saturday from work on the GSP (that is the Garden State Parkway for non NJ people…) and stuck in just mind numbing traffic.  Somehow the photo of my cousin Marcy with her new granddaughter (Ruby) popped into my mind along with some words.  It is not that I am particularly close with my cousins either but somehow the universe tapped me on the shoulder…

“upon the birth of my new cousin, Ruby” 4/21/2018

a ruby shines

in grandma’s arms

open eyes

beating heart,

all the world

to behold

new promise born

into love.

so rejoice!

family, friends

this new life

so begins

So there it is as scribbled down in my notebook frantically (while driving, albeit slowly)… and then finished the work at the rest stop (Brookdale South Service Area in Bloomfield) in the shadow of McDonald’s (how inspiring ! lol).  I left punctuation off at the end because it is a celebration of a new beginning (ie no end, just like hope and love).  Sometimes I think about  punctuation, sometimes not… this was one of those times where it came into play.

Poetry back works (2006)

Poetry back works (2006)


The photo was taken @ Scientist Cliffs MD, I go there to decompress from the job, life etc.  Oddly I am not  inspired to write when I am there… the irony.  I guess my mind is so calm that it just wants the rest.  Anyway I spent the week going though all my notebooks (the ones I could find) and put a good amount of stuff into text so I can post it. Since I am so darn organized (ok, anal retentive) I want to post the older stuff first.  Some of these works really affected me, I was surprised by how much I remembered writing these (some of them are quite emotional)… it seems like they were in my head just yesterday, life is strange, but luckily I am alive to observe the strangeness.  Thanks for reading.  Any thoughts or comments are always welcome (good or bad, it’s cool). I hope even my little effort to put myself out there helps anyone who wants to write or express themselves in some fashion.

“goodbye” 2006

my lips too well remember

the sense of your warmth,

a kiss upon your forehead

and may they there rest in dreams again,

the passage of time has not shed

the blade nor dulled the wound,

perhaps only hope can be found.

take in

a salve for all ills

stills the heart for a moment;

yet the loss of your love

is the death of it all

as I said,


“untitled” 2006

pulling concrete blocks

with hooks, chains

shoulders folds of skin

bear the strains

empty shell,

skin, bones

“still there” 2006

a flash of lightning

on the horizon of my life

wherever I go you are there with me

upon looking at the sky



phantom conversations

untitled” 9/23/2006

bridges, tunnels and underpass

over, under and through

in my car

where I am

where I am?

the cross bronx

quite less than an express,

faded lines

barricades and flat tires

crumbling red brick walls

the road leads on

in always two directions

in cape may” 10/2006

take a picture of me

late october

empty shore

one shadow on the surf

only the crackle

of tide and the coming winter winds

even the vast flocks of seagulls

seem abandoned

an October Friday in Wildwood, NJ” 10/2006

the sound of breaking

and the waves

a small voice asks for ice cream

forty four degrees

boardwalk and arcades

taffy and rides

I wander through like a mist

of whispers

that catches no one’s ear



Some poetry works from June/July 2017

Some poetry works from June/July 2017


I was transcribing some more stuff from my notes today.. and boy does my handwriting suck… I really ought to be more careful but sometimes these things are written spur of the moment wherever I may be (many times in my car driving!). So for what it is worth here are some more…



“untitled” 6/2017

rain on the lake
a common trope
draws the eye –
romantic hope

smoky fog
hugs the mountain far
a road corralled by trees
all hands waving leaves
all say the same
all turn to bask in the coming rain

a voice on the wind
of a bird I know not who
the rain loses pace
almost a pause
nearly completely still
drop by drop

“untitled” 6/2017

this dying body can provide
to other passengers by

“Traffic”  6/2017

grasping for a metaphor,
a gnarled tree?
yet nature has purpose.

traffic is perverse
traffic is a curse – spoken in rage
traffic is a treason on the soul

created in a compilation, consternation, confirmation
in a faulty foundation of political underpinnings
in other words : frustration!

DMK Note: The above poem is meant to be a bit humorous…especially those of us who commute daily here in the tri-state (NY, NJ, CT) area.

“untitled”  6/2017

fallow fields
fallow minds
poison seeds
to commit the crime

May 2017 works

May 2017 works


Trying to catch up to current stuff!  I do like some of the ideas here even if sort of simplistic.. not everything has to be word geometry I guess.  But if that is your thing…cool. Comments/Thoughts are always appreciated.




“untitled”  5/2017
sweet tide to kiss my brow
for me to sail
into the never ending sea

“buried”  5/2017
Broken –
Mason –
Jar –
half buried, half sane
peering through patterns
spindle of sunlight crowning
what remains above ground

“to not know the rain”  5/2017
to not know the rain
in the forest
or the plains
on the desert mars
light years span as far,
unless your vessel is a lens
to see space and back again

“you” 5/2017
is it a mood
is it blue
is it a tone
is it a hue
is it the true feeling
of who you are – ?

Couple of more from 2011-12

Couple of more from 2011-12


Oops.. a little out of order but does that matter…  probably not.  I’m sure I will find plenty of material lying around these parts to post here and there.



“untitled” 5/2011

listening to the immutable hum of blue orchids
time gone by
time goes by

watching the breeze bend
over the shrub like darting wings
leaves turn to their partners
sunlight illuminates open paths
shade underneath hiding

“untitled”  late 8/2012

the wind is a whisper
the moon is a rumor
this late summer hour
masks amongst the choir
of insect chatter

and I take a breath.