A Poem a Day…

A Poem a Day…

…keeps antelope-canyon-lower-canyon-arizona.jpgsomeone away I suppose.  Those who might prefer a menu to prose… Still plugging away on some 2017 material, here are three more to toss into the ether… for better or for worse, bathwater and all.

prurient” 2017


of the viper’s mask

the omniscient ticking of the heart

the vessel

once cavern now glut

swells with sin


a chide

a cause

a curse.

carved” 2017

ancient tree

scarred with the abuse of seasons

initials of love

upon a park” 2017

conversation of pigeons

busy about

one false move – riot!

to calm.


pebbles skip-sink to the bottom

ripples drown out

into the mouth

of the horizon

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