A couple poems for the weekend…

A couple poems for the weekend…

pexels-photo-326117.jpegA couple more from 2017… I will get current one of these days (soon… no, really!).   I remember writing these but I do not remember the mood I was in… even though they were on the same scrap of paper, birthed at the same time. Much like fraternal twins I suppose.

temper” 2017

molten rise

under the skin

surging lava veins

crimson smoldering eyes

breathing deep molten ash

held barely in




northern star” 2017

northern star

afar, how far?

a million light caress

in the palm

bathed in valleys and riverbeds


northern star

a dream, a life

a reason to be

a guiding light


northern star

brilliant death

illuminates the fall –

ascension –

now to become the star once more.

Thoughts and comments (or taunts and breath-mints) are always welcome. Email me or post under the posts, thanks!

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