One of the Wonders of 7.

One of the Wonders of 7.

bloom blossom flora flower
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gardens” 5/30/18

of light and seed

of rain and soil

through many gardens

have I come.

the path, looking back

winds around

framed by memories

of wilt and drought

of bulb and bloom

yet when the sun rises

there is always you

my seven tiers of babylon

our brief time of perfection

under the golden sun.


that was then

now lost to time

so I carry on

my will, my prayers, my hope

carry on

I will always remember

my heart is gone

but will not forget


my seven tiers of babylon.

notes…  I had some differing things in mind here…  of course I am referring to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (one of the original 7 wonders of the world, and no… not from the mini golf course in Overboard (the original not the remake))… I was also thinking about the all time great poem Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge… So.. throw that all in a blender and make it about love as well in a personal context… love being like a garden we cultivate (hopefully) but like a real garden there are so many factors that factor into the outcome… the rest I will leave up to you, because if you got this far, well, thanks.

post note… I forgot to mention.. 7, it is considered a magical number, my birth date is 7 times 3, both considered magical numbers, so no, I am not into astrology or numerology… just sayin…

Also, 7 days in a week.. seven “tier” (tears)… 7 openings in your head… all these things are in this poem, in my head … and now yours I suspect.

music? … ok, maybe…  here is something pretty nature-y and ambient (I hate that word sometimes as it may imply boring electronica but… there is no other genre word, I think… so just trust me).  Sounds from the Ground has put out some awesome stuff over the years, this particular track always stuck with me… it tells an old fable/tale over cool calm music… very unique… you have to listen to get it…

Sounds from the Ground “Pearl”

grains of…

grains of…

seashore under blue sky
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sand” 4/27/18

I wish I was sand on the beach

faceless, shifting

I could encompass the whole coast

a shoal of shores

bearing the burden

of appeasing the great ocean

of wrath and caress

tides stretch my miles

eternally to the human mind

though even sand will find

the bottom of an hourglass

and run out of time.

Music : “Built on Sand” Solution .45 (one of my favorite vocalists of now (and about the last 10 years).. Christian Alvestam (he does all the vocals, you can not argue he can’t sing)…   I get most people don’t like heavy music (especially death metal), I do, I dig the aggression (am I not wrath and love?) but I also listen to tons of classical and electronica… so … who knows… just what I have been listening to lately.

WordPress… how you impress.

WordPress… how you impress.

wordpress reader page at this moment:

Suggestions: Batman, Politics, Cute.

I love the randomness.. and my dumb ass should make comments on this thing I suppose!

batman was clearly a republican… but Adam West and Burt Ward were so damn cute…

Voivod “Batman”

of course this is the theme from the TV show performed by one of my all time favorite bands…

Your silliness… is required.

Your silliness… is required.

axe on tree trunk
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I was driving home from a store in Cedar Grove NJ tonight (I was there to fix a self check out machine.. because, well, that’s my job) and I ran past this place on Bloomfield Ave called “Bury the Hatchet“.  So, apparently axe throwing joints are a thing ?  Was I sleeping ? Did I miss the tweet announcing same?  Apparently… So anyway I was thinking of all the awful corny names we (yes, you) could think of naming these places… I’ll start… (use the comments section and top me! … if you can)

do axe, don’t tell

lizzie borden’s place

buddy hatchet

nice axe

can you hatchet ?


Twitter Dee… Twitter Dumb.

Twitter Dee… Twitter Dumb.

motorcycle in the middle of street
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“Social Media Drive-By” 7.27.2018

a whisper feeds
a rumor grows
in an instant
on twitter
shot out from under,
a post
a feed
inbreeds in innuendos
goes viral
in circles of pop up juries,
they snicker
they laugh
they injure and incinerate,
-and the moment passes
they forget
behind, a wake, an aftermath
they forget
the wreck
they sank
to the bottom
on a whim, with a whisper
they forget.

notes… So, I’m a dork, I googled “drive by” and it is supposed to be “drive-by”…. why on earth would it matter but I am an honest cat on here sharing it all (warts and dorks as it were).. this was written in my car after work today (gee, that never happens…).  Just contemplating the cyber lynchings that seem to happen with regular frequency these days… it seems the moral superiority of some people online equals that of the religious types that they mock for the same behavior (I guess not having a belief in a higher power somehow makes it different?)… how ironic.   When you revel in the demise of others you are swimming in a tar pit full of sharks… is it worth it?  What happened to the value of taking a breath and assessing things with some perspective (and remembering we are all little flawed islands in the sea of humanity).  One post does not a total Dbag make.  Just something to ponder as I go wander off into … some silly distraction probably.

Another semi-obscure band… to me they are legendary, but what do I know ? (well, a lot if you ask me, but that is another story for another time fraulein…) …double shot music post RARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

Fugazi – Long Division

Fugazi – KYEO

Credit to Neil C. from back in my Rutgers days for turning me on to this.  Ah… seems like a different life, it was a short time but a good time.



cold dark eerie fear
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late” 4/24/18

a triangle of ravens

portends in the rain

is this dusk

or looming gray

no sun to foretell

still spring has yet to slip into bloom

the bare trees do agree

that spring has not yet arrived

this, where doubt creeps in

knowing season into season

passes with regularity

why do I fear?

bravery” 4/24/18

why do we fear anything at all

save for the one

that holds the key

to all we know


how brave of me

in this time of quiet

and not of need

notes… poem 1 (up there) I was driving home (as I am known to do) and there was this weird triangle of ravens flying over the GSP…  ravens don’t fly in formation, well, I haven’t asked them but from experience I think it so… also, spring was late, so as fluid as time is… we relate to what is our “now”… spring has been ‘late’ probably a billion times (and probably does not care what I think, dammit).  I was toying with how limited our experience is but we expect it to be “the norm” which is totally silly given our short lifespan compared to the machinations or more real the gears of nature that work beyond our scope (and could care less about us even being here), I was also commenting on how we panic when things kind of don’t work out like we think they should based on our experience.. such limited experience even after 40 years on this rock….

poem 2… it is easy to say I am not afraid… but we all are. it is easy to say all I fear is death… but we all fear plenty of things, we all forget, we drive, take showers, go on vacation, have kids (well, none that I know about…), etc… it is much harder to actually let go of fear in times when the real pressure of actual life is applied.  I am trying to live life free of fear, to live moment to moment.. to trust my instincts… but honestly I am not doing the greatest job of it.  People can’t believe some of the things that come out of my mouth but really I am not being me 100% and I should because this is the only life we get as far as I know… and that is all I know, my limited little brain, as smart as I think I may be… death has taken us all from Einstein to Hitler, so I want to be free…

totally random music…  this is a mix of cuban/puertorican/island (with brass instruments) music with metal… one of the most unique bands that ever was… I love mixed up mutts like this…

Puya “Fundamental”

Voyager (3)

Voyager (3)

A continuation of my Voyager series (1, 2)… and now 3!  Of course there is not an actual 3rd mission but I had to number these to avoid confusion among the handful of people actually reading them…and myself honestly.  They all have a common thread but different flavor (I hope).  Maybe I am like voyager throwing things out into the universe to see what I see… throwing my own golden disc into the vast expanse of the internet perhaps finding an alien I can teach my language… or maybe I just like to write, or somewhere in between the two probably is the domain of the truth, at least for now… and without further adieu…

electric lamp over black background
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voyager 3” 7.2.2018

a faint –



ever traveling further

every moment every second every hour

a thin beam of light suspends dust

through the seam of a midnight door

a whisper slithers down the hall

barely audible

I strain to hear

I might remember

how I came upon this place

in darkness

this cold space

a litany of stars

but none are close

none are warm

all are far

notes… I am specifically commenting on Voyager 1 here… It is in interstellar space now (see my original post to learn about all that).  So… it takes 17 hours (more now) to receive a message from Voyager 1 so hence the ‘strain to hear’ reference… and the line ‘a thin beam of light suspends dust’ is a specific reference to this photo… Our planet… from the perspective of Voyager after it left the solar system…  humbling, to say the very least.  This little satellite that could is now in between stars… which illustrates the sheer vastness of space, hence the rest of the poem, maybe some people think I should not explain things or whatever… but these are very specific references I am playing with here that I want the reader to understand… now I am leaving huge gaps in metaphors as well… so this poem has other levels (like personal) but I want people to understand the core of the feeling as it energized me to write the piece(s).

so… some more trippy ambient avant garde stuff ? sure… I got that in spades folks.

Tetsu Inoue “World Receiver”

Voyager (2)

Voyager (2)

satellite view of earth
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 “voyager 2” 6.15.18

one million ten million more

what will remain

a golden disc

not even you, great ozymandias

even your magnificence

of words on stone

will be but dust among

dunes of old

your portly friends

the pyramids

will amount

to just mounds of common rock

even the sphinx will sleep and be consumed

the earth will reclaim

all we think we thought we knew

notes… the golden disc is of course the records sent out with the voyager probes, ozymandias … well, that is a shot at my friend shelley whom I love as one poet to another but kind of recalls his great poem vs the object of time that it addresses, he did not have the science of now to contemplate so I will give the old boy a pass. I love the last line here… it sums up how arrogant we are because we are NOW… we know so little, we barely pierced the sky just 100+ years ago with the wright brothers.. think about it.

Music ? SETI: The geometry of night… different than Seti : Pharos… but equally trippy imo.

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

For those not in the know, Bay Ridge is right over the Verrazano, a nice day to check out the sites (well…on my lunch break from work)…


I also wrote this about all the houses that had high walls (one pictured)…

“gated community” 7.23.18

castle walls
there is no war
no invading armies
so what are you keeping out?
invading eyes
your castle
on a hill
just a home
down here
also born
we are the same
you in your castle
a king
me, the peasant
in my home
so plain
the same

Here is some video from the foot bridge as well, not exactly as romantic as the Siene

Voyager (1)

Voyager (1)

yellow flag on boat
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Voyager is of course (well I say that because I am a science geek but I should not assume) the project that launched 2 ships in 1977 that are still out there traveling past our solar system into interstellar space (Voyager 1 is the first man made object to do so, Voyager 2 still has a ways to go to escape the influence of our sun… think about that, we launched something in 1977 that still is under the influence of our sun… and is traveling at over 30,000 mph all the time – nuts!).  So I recently watched a documentary about the Voyager mission called “The Farthest”… (I reviewed it here on my Facebook media review page).. it is amazingly inspirational to see what people in the 70’s were able to accomplish (and to see their enthusiasm and reaction to this amazing triumph of humanity)… The computers then compared to now… I !  My cell phone has 1000 times the power those little Voyager units do… BUT… they will outlive us all, being in space there is a ton of … (wait for it) …. space! seriously space here seems so cramped (at times) but the space of space (that sounds confusing) is insane compared to what we consider here as the volume of personal space (I am trying to say they won’t have a car accident as astral traffic is very light). So these little voyager units are out there… zooming into the unknown, the vikings, chris columbus, hell… they ain’t got nothing on these little things.. totally inspiring.  So hence these poems the next few days…

voyager 1” 6.15.18

might I walk upon

the surface of the sun

like a god

and look down below

onto the earth

a gem

a pearl

the cradle of life

the dawn of man

and all we know

I spy out into the endless expanse

and spot a messenger

a voyager

our postcard

our greeting card

our extended hand

and I utter

godspeed voyager


as you blaze blindly bravely

into the unknown

your passenger of knowledge

forever into the cosmos

you go

I already posted once about the Seti : pharos album, that is some trippy space stuff… but it applies here, so I am posting it again… I have probably listened to that album 10,000 times, it is one of those things I play when I want to sleep and have dreams… that I am a voyager. Because… maybe the only scrap of humanity that will ever survive is aboard those vessels.. they are time capsules of our civilization…