forsythia (and a treatise on spring)

forsythia (and a treatise on spring)

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my dear, my consort
cast out upon the land
a golden plume
a golden mane
the stirring locks of ostara herself
harbinger of spring
message received
for you are truly born of the stars
from your roots rise sunrise up upon this earth-
spring’s sweet songs do awaken.

for spring is a procession of progression
cherry blossoms bathe the path in white to lavender and all manners up to purple, urban planning has them lining the streets in rows like a royal parade celebrating victory over the great winter – for at least a time, and short lived they will fall like confetti littering the street on the day after, the daffodils, holding golden cups sky-upward ready to brim with the coming rains, those same rains will flatten them as they nourish the rest of the surely coming green flourish, the ramps, onion cousins, or maybe garlic uncles, no, more like tiny onions, their chive clump headdress pokes through looking like unruly fits of grass, spring onions – yes, they are known to check in with such a name in certain establishments, the arcs of forsythia, golden arches with no drive thru, inspired in such golden rod as to make midas blush, the mornings are filling with song and sun, Ostara winks as her womb births the dawn of hope, and so I do, spring is hope, hope is spring, and then the worn hot complacency of summer sets in, burns out all the green, and then the world must sleep once more to regain, to regenerate, to be born once again – better to enjoy this now, the colors, the procession, the daily progress of life bursting to be seen, yes, take in the scene.

a poem about the cycle of life..,

a poem about the cycle of life..,

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for upon your children’s children
a parade of red roses
ash blows the sky
for generations remain
locked beneath in shallow graves
foundation of bone
fire on the feet
countless clock hands clap
a breath, a clasp moment
a heart, a beat to
pulse sweet blood on track
how the world eye remains fixed
a glorious host
the vessel of birth
the cradle that serves
the ending desires of the natural way
of all that may be
one day collapsing
the cycle of near infinity
loops back upon
your children’s children
a procession of possession
travel on for as long
as time will permit
as time shall exist

notes… I will let this one stand alone, it was one of those that I say “wrote itself” for whatever that is worth, your thoughts on the matter are always appreciated…



black bird perching on rod
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“as I close my eyes to dream
might I become
the song of a bird
to race out
upon the breeze
and find comfort
to nest
in the ear
of a child
and conjure forth
a smile
of innocent

notes… reincarnation in a thought, I would hope to have an impact, or at least create something positive, I also wanted this to read in a certain way, in waves, up and down, it works for me, but hey, that isn’t real critique, I hope it works for you…

as we all do…

as we all do…

beach dawn dusk ocean
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might I be aware
and enjoy the warm rays
bright bouquets against the seas
one more time
upon the waves
that carry my soul away
to some other place
I hope
to some other place
I pray

notes… maybe my first “prayer” poem that I wrote since I started writing again (ahem, this blog)… this is actually from april (looking through some of my now old stuff), kind of sums up the vibe I am going for at times, waves, and things repeating because life is like that in so many ways…

because it reminded me of my last post…

because it reminded me of my last post…

birds flying over body of water during golden hour
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love is on a flight, on wing
what is this feeling
I had known to forget
all in the sudden
all possible seems to reveal
and in my heart revel
’tis true!
hearths know their purpose
tend the fire still
even from the silence of neglect
the bricks reflect coals
dancing again
in radiance
in the rekindling
of spirit

notes: I wrote this back in March, altered a little bit tonight I must admit (wink), my mind works strange, thanks for all reads and eyes, I only hope to light a light because I am only here so long, and can encourage others to thrive!

just a poem. (about spring)

just a poem. (about spring)

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pasture and lawn reprieve:
for now I see verdant swaths
risen up from fallow flocks
the world has turned to bloom
life rides forward
toward inevitable doom
casting seeds upon the whim
land and cone over
the ground within
carry on, to catch the sun
oh dear mother, carry on

notes… written in my car 5/4 (yeah Star Wars day ya geeks…), rewritten tonight (I did make changes), here is the original as written (I want to be honest and show my true process):

pasture and lawn reprieve:
for now I see verdant swaths
risen up from fallow flocks
the world has turned to bloom
and life roars forward
against that inevitable doom
casting seeds upon the whim
land and cone over
the ground within
carry on, to catch the sun
oh dear mother, carry on

so the thrust of the poem is the same but I like my changes, it more reflects what I wanted to convey.

writing a tune, or thinking about it. (with you)

writing a tune, or thinking about it. (with you)

black and white keys music note
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might I write a ballad
within the frame of these words
to sing up from this page
and encompass all in song

might I manage to transform
the flight of written word
into another form
tapping of the toes

and let the letters ring out
in joy on the face of babes
upon hearing these words
in musical masquerade

notes… I was wondering if I could transfer words to song, I was pondering that and wrote … this.

More New Zealand inspiration…

More New Zealand inspiration…

bay beach blue cliff
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I have a thing for the Kiwi nation, I find it fascinating from a biological perspective as well as culturally (specifically the Maori people).  I have a collection of poems dedicated to this subject (with links and explanations as there are specific aspects of Maori culture/mythology I am directly talking about here)… here is one I wrote more semi-recently however (man time flies)…



the spirit shore” 6.1.18

a journey starts one completes

diving off from upon the peak

to the homeland

in the sea

glancing back to those alive


Thrive! Thrive! Thrive!

I will see you again

my brothers –

in due time”

music ? (as if I would forget to proselytize with my musical vibes)

Eric Johnson – All Along the Watchtower (Jimi Hendrix Cover)

not many people have the balls to attempt this… and too be honest Eric is technically a better player than Jimi (much cleaner note for note) but Jimi was instinct, he was fire (and pure inspire), so to say one is better or not is a bit unfair to both, two different things, I can admire both for different reasons and different feelings.



human skull with white background
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extinction” 6.3.18

I am the last sabre-tooth

in a human mind

I survived

the great collide


and so far survived,

the rise of man

notes… a mix of metaphor and some science thrown in for good measure, in a way I am juxtaposing the great extinction of the dinosaurs against the coming extinction… well, of us? or everything else?  something to think about…  (although I know the earth will be fine, she will silently outlive us all.. rise and fall… maybe even another whole genus of hominids (or talking upright donkeys with wings – pegassus ?) will rise after we are wiped out by ourselves or something else)

da’ music… I am going to go softball and toss an obvious one here…

Megadeth – Countdown to Extinction

pretty light fare even for them … and for me… but I don’t always need to listen to songs that blister my brain with blast beats… well, at least part of the time it seems.

we all have tried (admit it).

we all have tried (admit it).

white and yellow chicks on pebble covered ground
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little birds” 6.23.2018

little birds

outside my car

they seem afraid

how do they know me

I toss them bits of bread

in an effort

to show I am a friend

I don’t think they buy it

but I had to try

notes… we all have tried to lure the birds, some are cautious, some are courageous, we pretend to think they understand us… but they are just trying to survive… how different  are we… who is tossing us crumbs ?

also.. this is me being kind of haiku-ish in mode but not form.  Total kudos to those who like the constraint, I’m not wired that way.

and for no reason… just posting one of the most underrated songs of the “grunge” (ugh that hurts me to type…) age.

Helmet – Unsung