we all have tried (admit it).

we all have tried (admit it).

white and yellow chicks on pebble covered ground
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

little birds” 6.23.2018

little birds

outside my car

they seem afraid

how do they know me

I toss them bits of bread

in an effort

to show I am a friend

I don’t think they buy it

but I had to try

notes… we all have tried to lure the birds, some are cautious, some are courageous, we pretend to think they understand us… but they are just trying to survive… how different  are we… who is tossing us crumbs ?

also.. this is me being kind of haiku-ish in mode but not form.  Total kudos to those who like the constraint, I’m not wired that way.

and for no reason… just posting one of the most underrated songs of the “grunge” (ugh that hurts me to type…) age.

Helmet – Unsung