Clinical lycanthropy…

Clinical lycanthropy…

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Boy that is a mouthful.  Just doing some odd google-ing and came across the term.  So sometimes I like to pretend I can see through the eyes of animals (sort of like the Beastmaster, love that movie – before GoT made warging cool). I suppose I do not have that disorder more or less I was thinking of anthropomorphization (another $5 dollar word).  Attributing human traits to animals… so all these words to set up a simple little poem…

pigeons” 3/2018
If I were a pigeon

in a parking lot

would I hear tales

of pigeons in the park

of statues and lakes

manicured landscapes

on which to perch and peck.

would I be jealous

or satisfied?

on which parcel does there reside – contentment ?

untitled” 3/2018
standing water



inward tide


DMK notes:  As usual I provide some tunes to read by…usually by bands I deem criminally under rated, just my opinion.  Mindfunk “Goddess”.

The poet’s heart…

The poet’s heart…

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I would like to believe in the better things.  I would like to always have faith in the human spirit but with expectation is sown the inevitable poison of disappointment.  So I guess I am saying I am a fool because I do hold on to these things… like true love.  My logic tells me one thing but my poet’s heart holds on to dreams.

“awake” 3/2018

may you be the blunt tool

on which I hone

sharpen once again my lust for life

far too long

I have endured

my true self

hidden in this prison, in plain sight for all

curled away, bathed in my shadows becoming my skin

growing rusty, creeky and gray,

your voice has brought me simply back

to the light of day.

Embers 2” 3/2018

there is a faint pulsing ember

locked deep inside the remnants of my heart

and memory

never more to catch flame

but your vision remains

I know, until my dying days

absent kiss upon solitary lips

my last breath

a faint whisper of your name

and the glow shall fade

into the evernight.

gliding” 3/2018
staring through the veil

of rain drops on the windshield glass

no consciousness of driving


traveling along this line through space – time,

unable to reverse

and mend

the mistakes of our parting

on which I dwell


untitled” 3/2018
I am not a mirror

I only have my eyes

for they are just mere filters

to the visions

built up constructs of my mind
I want to be with you

when you are seventy

wrinkled and gray

for I will only see

the most beautiful woman there has ever been

as forever you will be


she is afraid of photographs

as to my disbelief

her true image self portrait

hangs upon my wall

as I pace the corridors

but more-



with eyes closed (deep breath, exhale)

together my love


together, my love, my eternal love.

Musical accompaniment … King’s X “Honesty”
No whimsical thoughts for today, come back and I am sure I will be in the mood.

One liners, two liners…. maybe three ?

One liners, two liners…. maybe three ?

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So, these are just poetry post it notes as it were.  These little snippets might grow up to be a full on poetic experience one day (or not, I am admittedly lax about going back and doing such things). I thought it would be interesting to post these as otherwise they would most likely be relegated to a life of neglect… little scraps of paper folded away in the cracks between my other work.  Maybe these will inspire or promote a tangent of creativity in someone else (you, perhaps?).


is love cause or conviction ?

pages on a breeze

and soon the book is empty

taste of the ocean

breath of the rain

tides and time

and the ocean vast

parrots in paris

peacocks in rome

raindrops on a leaf

tears of a thief

I look at the gathering storm clouds

and I know they will pass

even into sunlight

we bring suitcases

if ducks have a dynasty

penguins shall own an empire


better than strangers

not as close as friends

as always I love to post links to music, here is a fun upbeat rock tune from a few years back… Protein “Lemonade”

In love with… (a country?)

In love with… (a country?)

landscape nature mountain lake
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I will use all the usual cliches… “it spoke to me” “I was inspired” … well, it happens to be true so there goes me being too cool for the room and turning my nose up to convention.  For whatever reason the universe decided to drop New Zealand into my mind lap and I am hooked deep.  I am not talking about actually loving an inanimate object (because that IS a thing apparently) but more the sheer diversity of the lands (fauna/creatures) and people in somewhere located literally on the other side of the world.  Truly it makes you wonder about the universe if most of us will never explore all the nooks in our own country (or state!) let alone this entire tiny dot on the backside of the milky way booty. I am particularly enchanted by the Maori culture (as in most Polynesian cultures it focuses on nature and particularly the oceans).  So with all that verbosity spilled here are some NZ inspired poems.  I probably will write more but these came in a rash/dash of inspiration so…  (notes below the poems explain some of the things I was thinking about as well as links to various mythology/information… you MIGHT have to learn something… I apologize in advance but I seriously have a NZ bug lately…)

fantail” 4/18/18

might I be a fantail

stopping on a line

beak snapping

right on time

unsuspecting fly

cup nest for my young

hunger chirps from eager tongues

DMK note: the fantail is a stunning little beast.  They can course correct in mid air due to their (drum roll…) fan tail.  Check out this video. Amazing bird.

“tangi” 4/23/18

might I be buried under a pohutukawa tree

and climb the roots

like vines

pulling oddly one by ten

to fool the blind


and so I may fall again

right back into the earth I fled

and roots shall draw out my life

coloring flowers of blood blossoms

to mark the path

and softens the harshest lands


might children play around my spine

elders pray to the north

open minds

DMK Note: lots to play off here, you sort of need to know about the trees and the Maori beliefs.  But for me I found it fascinating that the Maori have a specific place where the dead leave the earth to travel back (in spirit) to their homeland. I am specifically referencing certain elements in the story of Tawhaki.  The tree itself is also fascinating as it clings to outcrops and can pretty much grow in some extremely harsh environments… I would like to think of myself that way… if I were that brave, one can dream, and I certainly do.

“grounded” 4/23/18

penguins in the forests

foot paths worn with water feet

all these mazes

for children’s sake


their cousins the kiwi

also tired of flight

peck and hunt

upon the ground

all the while

with peculiar gate

and protruding snouts


might they all admire

the kakapo

ranger of the night

another relative

who has forgotten flight

DMK Note: NZ has an amazing diversity of life due to evolutionary forces separating the island from any other lands.  The isolation has led to a few very significant flightless birds.  The Kiwi of course is quite famous as it gives the nickname for NZ natives themselves.  But the Kakapo is this amazing huge night parrot.  Unfortunately due to introduced species the Kakapo is nearly wiped out but conservation efforts are in full swing thankfully.  Oh yeah… the penguin thing... they live in the forest and make this mad commute every day that rivals my own. Penguins in the forest !  really!

“Te Rerenga Wairua” 5/21/18

fingers of flame

filaments of fire

on timbers

holding onto this plane

corporal limbs

blooming land anemones

from root to branch

extends out to the tide

two bodies collide

ocean mist

in the distance

flowers for passing eyes

one last glimpse

before the dive

DMK note:  Cape Reinga (the Maori words are the title of the poem).  Literally believed to be the point where souls jump off to return home. I am again referencing the Pohutukawa tree as well here… and the fact that two oceans literally meet off the coast of this amazing place.  There is a tree said to be 800 years old just clinging to the coast… I mean, how many more metaphors can you pour into this thing ?  Amazing…

Musical time out: Eluveitie – The call of the Mountains… I think Anna Murphy’s voice is up there with Tori Amos…

Lost love letters… letters to a lost love… letters of love lost

Lost love letters… letters to a lost love… letters of love lost

person standing near lake
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none of my usual playful banter this time out… just some poems about the big “L” … perspective certainly changes when you are at the bottom of a valley instead of the mountain top.  I am trying to summon up the strength to climb again…perhaps.


A Simple Wish” 3/2018

as the world slips away

your hand resting in mine

our bodies old and weathered gray

cradled in a chair for two

we exist on the periphery of life now

with more days left behind counting few

watching the sunset

into our sun set

as clouds are mere passers-by

I watch the reflections in your eyes.


with not a word nor a whisper

just the familiar warmth

of your palm

and the sweet



of your heart.

my love, always with you, my love.

The Beautiful” 3/2018

I used to scoff

beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

until I was beholden

to her –

the beautiful.


one thousand continents may divide

one thousand years may pass into the night

the rust of age will tarnish and ravage your skin

but my eyes ever only reveal –

the beautiful.


are my eyes not the same?

does the same sun illuminate?

why time does not fade, escapes me


truly beyond compare

in all the worlds and realms

across all time

through the unknown dark

there forever shines, your beauty


I ask of the divine , are you a dream?

do I believe ? were you sent?

I realize

you are my beacon

to end all night

to drown all fear.


struck in a fever dream I lay

torn, frayed with time and separation

brought home by my own

and yet-

there remains, in my mind, photos, echoes

for once I found

for once I knew

for I once had

you –

the beautiful.

Embers” 3/2018

where once a bonfire raged

an ember does remain

a minister of hope does keep a light

ever fading,

for fate crossed our paths


and I lorn to track back again,

another life

another time

another plane perhaps,

stripped away of daily trappings

and strife,

so we may rekindle the flame

to burn hot bright.


but truth, the crash of of my careless waves, the crash;

against the bond of your devotion,

broke the will of your love. despair


but hope, to once again feel the warmth

from the bough of your hand –

to be lost in the glow

flickering in your eyes

eternally –

my love.

Tune for the mood I’m in… Trees if Eternity “Sinking Ships”

A little cosmic…

A little cosmic…


A little science mixed in with poetry might seem like an odd couple.  Sometimes (OK, often) I find myself pondering the universe and such so I suppose it is not that odd a stretch of fabric at all.  Maybe I should spend some time untangling string theory … (and I don’t mean cat’s cradle).



pointless” 3/2018

is this pointless?

I am sure the words

upon the mouths

of babes and hoards

ladies and lords,

circadian time slots met,

the sun never rises

nor truly sets,

until the mad rash,

dash of a giant red expansion –


super nova wink, expulsion

of light

becomes the horizon

of observers or no eyes,

just the same

light dissipates

divergent space.

I hope this post finds you well my friend.  How are you?  Glad to hear it.

some groovy tunes to lighten the mood… Thievery Corp. “Air Batucada”

Poetry for a rainy day…

Poetry for a rainy day…


Well, rain here in the garden state at least…

Here is a smattering of some semi-recent work, still trying to get 100% current.  I’m on the path – just need to keep marching forward. (I suppose as a poet I am obliged to march down the road less traveled…or suffer frost’s bite)

commute” 1/15/2018

the red serpentine writhes

shimmering red scales for miles

slither and drive

weaving hypnotic white lines


sudden halt!

what can be this assault on the harmony of my commute?


thoughts pass to my fellow travelers

caught in this vein

with no artery to escape


tragedy? curiosity?

rubber neck delays

a car perhaps burst into flames

what is the meaning of this break

surely a disaster to play


and as it came so now spent

no explanation hence

to satisfy this brief suspense

with no reason


a spigot turned open

begins to flow

with nary a remembrance

of the seething dam

moments ago

of raging eyes and iron grips

(and curses scored on lips)


and so it goes

before I know

back home

the final stretch

one left turn

with that

my commute comes

to the usual end.

untitled 2/2018”

be my dawn

be my door.

first pour of wine

that intoxicates

dulling my senses

to infatuate

I invite your attention

let you absorb me

into the promise of your seduction.

untitled 2/2018”

I would like to drive

up into the sun

unlike Icarus’ failure of old

to know my exact end becoming

blistering incineration

eternal cold.

DMK Notes…The last poem there was conceived as I was driving along… kind of imagining my car lifting up into the sun (sort of back to the future style). “Commute” is of course another stab at describing the daily grind of traffic here in NJ.  I kind of hope for some blockbuster movie sized disaster when I am stuck in traffic… at least it would make the waiting worth it (but I am usually, almost always met with disappointment….sigh).

Thoughts and comments are always ignored (kidding).  I appreciate all your feedback.

Musical distraction for this moment happening now… Tori Amos “Up the Creek” (everyone could use a little Tori in their life…)

Truth in poetry…

Truth in poetry…

pexels-photo-1035342.jpegI wonder sometimes if I am being honest as the words sort of come to me whole cloth.  Can I be truly honest with ideas flowing through this big coffee filter of a head ?  I suppose I have not tried to lie with poetry, that might be a challenge to embark on. How would one go about that anyway?  Something to ponder on a Friday morning (in the northeast US anyway).  So in lieu of the topic I just expounded about, here are a couple of unrelated poems from early 2018.  As usual thoughts, comments and bearer bonds are all appreciated.

untitled” 2018

are you

a winter sun

just as bright

just as distant


waking the world

warm summer to the south

a cold distance to the light

from my north


frigid dawn

for those above

and I wait

axis shift

heat under the skin” 1/2018

the skin aches for sin

grasps clamors claws

lust gnaws

rakes upon flesh

raw embers

sweat simmers

ready to mount

desire boils

blind white

fire blisters

poised to strike

Nothing witty to say but I will post a music link as I am known to do…

Toad the Wet Sprocket “Nightingale Song”

great song for driving around with the windows down.

WordPress front page is randomly funny…

WordPress front page is randomly funny…


OK, so this has nothing to do with the usual pulse of my blog but I felt compelled to post due to the yoke of circumstance put upon me.  Logging into the wordpress main page I was struck with the following suggestions:

“Suggestions: Hiking, Vegan, Monkeys. ”

Well.. that my friends should be a story in itself (please write your own on one of those long read posts…). Hey, have you heard the one about the vegan monkeys that were hiking?  Three vegan monkeys walked into a royal bar… one said “hi king”.   I could probably bore you with a few more (it is tempting) but perhaps I should get back to the task on hand… poetry (I had to wind up there eventually as is my charge).  So in light of the good humor (no, not the ice cream) I tried to pull one of my sillier more whimsical poems of late… maybe I will put on my serious pants later or my depressed retro glasses but for now…

untitled 2/2018” (somewhere on the garden state parkway)

Dear Sir Goose

crossing the road

with your canadian youth

your plates may say ontario

but central new jersey is your residence,

on lawns, office parks and ponds

might I pet a gosling?

might you quite disagree and peck


Sir Goose,

can I recompense

so bitter fierce to run afoul

might I need a cut-out coyote

to shield my shins

so pass on by brood in tow

‘cross the road

to brighter meadows

Musical machination of the minute: Boa “Duvet”

Of course Anime nerds should recognize this as the theme song for the quite excellent series Lain : Serial Experiments from a number of years ago… awesome tune, and one of my all time fave anime series as well.  So not only do you get a poem, you get my musical opinions… sort of like the blog equivalent of Dinner AND a Movie…

Halloween in May (poetry at least)

Halloween in May (poetry at least)


Well… since I still catching up with posting archival stuff this one is certainly an anachronism posting in May.  Hey, dress up if you like, it is the weekend.  Looks like rain outside, should be a fun commute.

untitled” 11.28.2017

we were children

dressed as devils and angels

halos and horns

marshmallows fire

on display

the duality of our plane

trained in the parade

innocence engaged

in this lurid game

of the snake and Eve

all repeat

as we evaporate

from plain site

and beloved paradise

DMK Post It: Have a swell weekend lads and lads-ies (?).  I will take a break from posting to go off into the  wilderness … or the local strip mall, the wildlife is interesting in both if not less aggressive out in the forest.

Musical Musing of the Moment (turn up da’ bass, not in a dance-y way):  Scorn – Exodus