WordPress front page is randomly funny…

WordPress front page is randomly funny…


OK, so this has nothing to do with the usual pulse of my blog but I felt compelled to post due to the yoke of circumstance put upon me.  Logging into the wordpress main page I was struck with the following suggestions:

“Suggestions: Hiking, Vegan, Monkeys. ”

Well.. that my friends should be a story in itself (please write your own on one of those long read posts…). Hey, have you heard the one about the vegan monkeys that were hiking?  Three vegan monkeys walked into a royal bar… one said “hi king”.   I could probably bore you with a few more (it is tempting) but perhaps I should get back to the task on hand… poetry (I had to wind up there eventually as is my charge).  So in light of the good humor (no, not the ice cream) I tried to pull one of my sillier more whimsical poems of late… maybe I will put on my serious pants later or my depressed retro glasses but for now…

untitled 2/2018” (somewhere on the garden state parkway)

Dear Sir Goose

crossing the road

with your canadian youth

your plates may say ontario

but central new jersey is your residence,

on lawns, office parks and ponds

might I pet a gosling?

might you quite disagree and peck


Sir Goose,

can I recompense

so bitter fierce to run afoul

might I need a cut-out coyote

to shield my shins

so pass on by brood in tow

‘cross the road

to brighter meadows

Musical machination of the minute: Boa “Duvet”

Of course Anime nerds should recognize this as the theme song for the quite excellent series Lain : Serial Experiments from a number of years ago… awesome tune, and one of my all time fave anime series as well.  So not only do you get a poem, you get my musical opinions… sort of like the blog equivalent of Dinner AND a Movie…

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