Halloween in May (poetry at least)

Halloween in May (poetry at least)


Well… since I still catching up with posting archival stuff this one is certainly an anachronism posting in May.  Hey, dress up if you like, it is the weekend.  Looks like rain outside, should be a fun commute.

untitled” 11.28.2017

we were children

dressed as devils and angels

halos and horns

marshmallows fire

on display

the duality of our plane

trained in the parade

innocence engaged

in this lurid game

of the snake and Eve

all repeat

as we evaporate

from plain site

and beloved paradise

DMK Post It: Have a swell weekend lads and lads-ies (?).  I will take a break from posting to go off into the  wilderness … or the local strip mall, the wildlife is interesting in both if not less aggressive out in the forest.

Musical Musing of the Moment (turn up da’ bass, not in a dance-y way):  Scorn – Exodus

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