Some quirky little numbers

Some quirky little numbers

man-person-people-emotions.jpgPoems don’t always have to be seriously deadly.. ? do they ?  Sometimes a whim of whimsical floats my sails and trails off into my pen.. and then we (well, you in this particular instance) get some of these little devils…

untitled” 11/2017

leaves! leaves ! leaves !

a flush of color

a thrush flits under

beautiful shades of the fallen

untitled” 11/2017

a cricket in the toilet

flush! flush! flush!

I must decide

live or die

hush, hush, hush

untitled” 11/2017

oh sweet leaf that falls

relief from the pressures of summer

the warmth of the coming winter

prepare to hunker

DMK Notes: “sweet leaf” in the last poem is a not so subtle reference to Black Sabbath (cool song but also makes the line a double entendre).  So, Finally a beautiful day here in northern New Jersey (traffic paradise of the northern realms, I would be a Stark if you had to ask).

If I won the lottery would I write more… or less?  Or more or less if I win the lottery would I write?

Musical Interlude of the Moment: Tycho – Human Condition

ciao francisco rinaldi! (pasta sauce jokes… the new frontier)

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