Poetry by numbers

Poetry by numbers

theme-patterns-74358.jpegI suppose there might just be such a thing. I think schools teach Haiku in that manner as if Basho is some amalgamation of simple patterns.  Not that I am writing Haiku here… just spouting off before posting some of my own work.

untitled” 4/14/2017

cracked dry vines

on a zebra patched fence

hold within the promise of spring

still firmly coated in

the dead soils of season’s past,

ready to feel the snap

of the union of fate and time

to cultivate one more climb from dust.


my sense and logic

go about upon the look

of your eyes

(so I remember)

and the wash of your smile

all these long ages – miles

my mouth has worn thin

the thought of you makes them tremble


your dream is intoxicating

like swirls of smoke dancing ’round

spiraling about me


beyond sense,

past sensibility.


I grasp for the core

of sanity

but my hand is bare

so I chance to envision

to cultivate a memory

a full bloomed petal’s velvet touch

upon my lips

the faint hope

wisp of bliss-

your lips.

DMK Note: “zebra fences” is a specific reference to a type of fence common (or at one time) common here in the US Northeast (here is a good example).  They have a very distinct look and sound… and generally rust out making them oh so fun to tangle with when you are a kid (yay tetanus!).

Musical Interlude of the moment…. Katatonia “The Racing Heart” (live, acoustic)

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