Has spring…finally arrived?

Has spring…finally arrived?

japanese-cherry-trees-flowers-spring-japanese-flowering-cherry-54630.jpegWinter certainly has been a worthy adversary in these parts… finally a taste of spring has whet the imagination to thaw here in New Jersey.  Here is a spring work from last year when spring arrived a bit earlier.

untitled” 3/12/2017

children running

sunshine gracing

march, the third month


degrees climbing

birds minding

nests, for eggs


lawn greening

ramps peeking

daffodils, early friends


robins prancing

territorial dancing

as dusk lingers, clocks turn

DMK Note: the last line refers to daylight savings time…because we can not handle the normal cycle of sunset/sunrise here in the US … apparently.  Just one of those weird quirks of life that is  taken for granted when it is part of your routine.  Most of the imagery above is from my yard.  I try to pay more attention these days as it seems ‘wonder’ is just as far as your eye if you just care to look.

Music of the moment…  Minus the Bear “Tame Beasts”

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