Truth in poetry…

Truth in poetry…

pexels-photo-1035342.jpegI wonder sometimes if I am being honest as the words sort of come to me whole cloth.  Can I be truly honest with ideas flowing through this big coffee filter of a head ?  I suppose I have not tried to lie with poetry, that might be a challenge to embark on. How would one go about that anyway?  Something to ponder on a Friday morning (in the northeast US anyway).  So in lieu of the topic I just expounded about, here are a couple of unrelated poems from early 2018.  As usual thoughts, comments and bearer bonds are all appreciated.

untitled” 2018

are you

a winter sun

just as bright

just as distant


waking the world

warm summer to the south

a cold distance to the light

from my north


frigid dawn

for those above

and I wait

axis shift

heat under the skin” 1/2018

the skin aches for sin

grasps clamors claws

lust gnaws

rakes upon flesh

raw embers

sweat simmers

ready to mount

desire boils

blind white

fire blisters

poised to strike

Nothing witty to say but I will post a music link as I am known to do…

Toad the Wet Sprocket “Nightingale Song”

great song for driving around with the windows down.

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