Poetry for a rainy day…

Poetry for a rainy day…


Well, rain here in the garden state at least…

Here is a smattering of some semi-recent work, still trying to get 100% current.  I’m on the path – just need to keep marching forward. (I suppose as a poet I am obliged to march down the road less traveled…or suffer frost’s bite)

commute” 1/15/2018

the red serpentine writhes

shimmering red scales for miles

slither and drive

weaving hypnotic white lines


sudden halt!

what can be this assault on the harmony of my commute?


thoughts pass to my fellow travelers

caught in this vein

with no artery to escape


tragedy? curiosity?

rubber neck delays

a car perhaps burst into flames

what is the meaning of this break

surely a disaster to play


and as it came so now spent

no explanation hence

to satisfy this brief suspense

with no reason


a spigot turned open

begins to flow

with nary a remembrance

of the seething dam

moments ago

of raging eyes and iron grips

(and curses scored on lips)


and so it goes

before I know

back home

the final stretch

one left turn

with that

my commute comes

to the usual end.

untitled 2/2018”

be my dawn

be my door.

first pour of wine

that intoxicates

dulling my senses

to infatuate

I invite your attention

let you absorb me

into the promise of your seduction.

untitled 2/2018”

I would like to drive

up into the sun

unlike Icarus’ failure of old

to know my exact end becoming

blistering incineration

eternal cold.

DMK Notes…The last poem there was conceived as I was driving along… kind of imagining my car lifting up into the sun (sort of back to the future style). “Commute” is of course another stab at describing the daily grind of traffic here in NJ.  I kind of hope for some blockbuster movie sized disaster when I am stuck in traffic… at least it would make the waiting worth it (but I am usually, almost always met with disappointment….sigh).

Thoughts and comments are always ignored (kidding).  I appreciate all your feedback.

Musical distraction for this moment happening now… Tori Amos “Up the Creek” (everyone could use a little Tori in their life…)

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