A little cosmic…

A little cosmic…


A little science mixed in with poetry might seem like an odd couple.  Sometimes (OK, often) I find myself pondering the universe and such so I suppose it is not that odd a stretch of fabric at all.  Maybe I should spend some time untangling string theory … (and I don’t mean cat’s cradle).



pointless” 3/2018

is this pointless?

I am sure the words

upon the mouths

of babes and hoards

ladies and lords,

circadian time slots met,

the sun never rises

nor truly sets,

until the mad rash,

dash of a giant red expansion –


super nova wink, expulsion

of light

becomes the horizon

of observers or no eyes,

just the same

light dissipates

divergent space.

I hope this post finds you well my friend.  How are you?  Glad to hear it.

some groovy tunes to lighten the mood… Thievery Corp. “Air Batucada”

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