Lost love letters… letters to a lost love… letters of love lost

Lost love letters… letters to a lost love… letters of love lost

person standing near lake
Photo by Lukas Rychvalsky on Pexels.com

none of my usual playful banter this time out… just some poems about the big “L” … perspective certainly changes when you are at the bottom of a valley instead of the mountain top.  I am trying to summon up the strength to climb again…perhaps.


A Simple Wish” 3/2018

as the world slips away

your hand resting in mine

our bodies old and weathered gray

cradled in a chair for two

we exist on the periphery of life now

with more days left behind counting few

watching the sunset

into our sun set

as clouds are mere passers-by

I watch the reflections in your eyes.


with not a word nor a whisper

just the familiar warmth

of your palm

and the sweet



of your heart.

my love, always with you, my love.

The Beautiful” 3/2018

I used to scoff

beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

until I was beholden

to her –

the beautiful.


one thousand continents may divide

one thousand years may pass into the night

the rust of age will tarnish and ravage your skin

but my eyes ever only reveal –

the beautiful.


are my eyes not the same?

does the same sun illuminate?

why time does not fade, escapes me


truly beyond compare

in all the worlds and realms

across all time

through the unknown dark

there forever shines, your beauty


I ask of the divine , are you a dream?

do I believe ? were you sent?

I realize

you are my beacon

to end all night

to drown all fear.


struck in a fever dream I lay

torn, frayed with time and separation

brought home by my own

and yet-

there remains, in my mind, photos, echoes

for once I found

for once I knew

for I once had

you –

the beautiful.

Embers” 3/2018

where once a bonfire raged

an ember does remain

a minister of hope does keep a light

ever fading,

for fate crossed our paths


and I lorn to track back again,

another life

another time

another plane perhaps,

stripped away of daily trappings

and strife,

so we may rekindle the flame

to burn hot bright.


but truth, the crash of of my careless waves, the crash;

against the bond of your devotion,

broke the will of your love. despair


but hope, to once again feel the warmth

from the bough of your hand –

to be lost in the glow

flickering in your eyes

eternally –

my love.

Tune for the mood I’m in… Trees if Eternity “Sinking Ships”

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