Clinical lycanthropy…

Clinical lycanthropy…

birds wings pigeon feather
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Boy that is a mouthful.  Just doing some odd google-ing and came across the term.  So sometimes I like to pretend I can see through the eyes of animals (sort of like the Beastmaster, love that movie – before GoT made warging cool). I suppose I do not have that disorder more or less I was thinking of anthropomorphization (another $5 dollar word).  Attributing human traits to animals… so all these words to set up a simple little poem…

pigeons” 3/2018
If I were a pigeon

in a parking lot

would I hear tales

of pigeons in the park

of statues and lakes

manicured landscapes

on which to perch and peck.

would I be jealous

or satisfied?

on which parcel does there reside – contentment ?

untitled” 3/2018
standing water



inward tide


DMK notes:  As usual I provide some tunes to read by…usually by bands I deem criminally under rated, just my opinion.  Mindfunk “Goddess”.

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