Strange things…

Strange things…

abandoned house lost old
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’tis a strange thing having everything.  All you could ever want in the palm of your hand.  So easy to discern this many moons later.  So easy to mourn this that time should have faded.  The past is alluring, I will give it that. Some mistakes seem not forgiven.


passing through” 3/20/18
a phantom

a ghost

in the intersection

of some metropolis


the world swirls around

people move on by

crosswalks alive (in between lights)

in the middle of all the commotion

eyes of somber calm

am I

standing there

waiting for a change

brush in hand

with no paint.


new spring” 3/20/2018
leaves still absent

from winter’s harvest

a cold chill still clings even easter sunday

nests in trees

but none for me

for this cardinal has no mate.

a flash of red

backdrop of gray

light is fading

the night is approaching

even in the face of spring

untitled” 3/20/2018
I think I saw a dog

in the lines of bark in a tree

dusk does trick the eyes,

is that a man or a mailbox

leaning in the distance

untitled” 3/20/2018
fog strangles the parkway

silhouettes serene barely cast shadows

side by side fireflies glow

gliding by row by row

Music choice of the moment … Dramarama “Anything Anything (live)”… thanks to my Rutgers roommate Neil, hope you are doing well out there

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