One liners, two liners…. maybe three ?

One liners, two liners…. maybe three ?

sea landscape beach landmark
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So, these are just poetry post it notes as it were.  These little snippets might grow up to be a full on poetic experience one day (or not, I am admittedly lax about going back and doing such things). I thought it would be interesting to post these as otherwise they would most likely be relegated to a life of neglect… little scraps of paper folded away in the cracks between my other work.  Maybe these will inspire or promote a tangent of creativity in someone else (you, perhaps?).


is love cause or conviction ?

pages on a breeze

and soon the book is empty

taste of the ocean

breath of the rain

tides and time

and the ocean vast

parrots in paris

peacocks in rome

raindrops on a leaf

tears of a thief

I look at the gathering storm clouds

and I know they will pass

even into sunlight

we bring suitcases

if ducks have a dynasty

penguins shall own an empire


better than strangers

not as close as friends

as always I love to post links to music, here is a fun upbeat rock tune from a few years back… Protein “Lemonade”

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