human skull with white background
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extinction” 6.3.18

I am the last sabre-tooth

in a human mind

I survived

the great collide


and so far survived,

the rise of man

notes… a mix of metaphor and some science thrown in for good measure, in a way I am juxtaposing the great extinction of the dinosaurs against the coming extinction… well, of us? or everything else?  something to think about…  (although I know the earth will be fine, she will silently outlive us all.. rise and fall… maybe even another whole genus of hominids (or talking upright donkeys with wings – pegassus ?) will rise after we are wiped out by ourselves or something else)

da’ music… I am going to go softball and toss an obvious one here…

Megadeth – Countdown to Extinction

pretty light fare even for them … and for me… but I don’t always need to listen to songs that blister my brain with blast beats… well, at least part of the time it seems.

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