Invading thoughts…

Invading thoughts…

war chess
Photo by Gladson Xavier on

home invasion” 8.18.2018

hostile dreams

haunt these

my lonely days

of this existence

among the people

who occupy the spaces

like so many chess pieces

I am long tired of the game

I can not seem to win

lose, or stalemate

or even more

move off this board,

endless gambits

my mind is on fire, no, it is at war


if I can not find rest

in my sleep

wherever will I find it?

when I’m dead?


hostile dreams,

as of late

they infiltrate

my perimeter

my daily thoughts

a train wreck

my horoscope


hostile dreams

they penetrate

my fortitude

my fortress

lays in ruins

not from attrition

but from the constant grind

of never ending erosion

exploiting the cracks

I have left –

the signatures of my neglect


hostile dreams

they have overrun the walls

hardly a pause

my resistance

is merely whisked away

my army


in their space

empty armor husks

strewn about like so much relics

less steel than one step from dust


hostile dreams

they permeate

saturating my pores

stretch the air

the stench

overwhelms my nose

I can not escape

sensory overload


I have lost

the will

the will to fight,


now I lay me down to sleep


by these hostile dreams.

musical choice ?

my dying bride – the cry of mankind

one of the worst band names in history… one of the best bands ever… many a night or a time they have been my muse, my drowning, my immersion, I like this song because it is like a hypnotic meditation (with the constant sound in the background from beginning to end lulling you into contemplation or maybe sorrow… or maybe both, the world is not always cotton candy and apple pie… I would love for it to be so, so sometimes even optimism needs to sleep, for a time)

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