grains of…

grains of…

seashore under blue sky
Photo by Tom Swinnen on

sand” 4/27/18

I wish I was sand on the beach

faceless, shifting

I could encompass the whole coast

a shoal of shores

bearing the burden

of appeasing the great ocean

of wrath and caress

tides stretch my miles

eternally to the human mind

though even sand will find

the bottom of an hourglass

and run out of time.

Music : “Built on Sand” Solution .45 (one of my favorite vocalists of now (and about the last 10 years).. Christian Alvestam (he does all the vocals, you can not argue he can’t sing)…   I get most people don’t like heavy music (especially death metal), I do, I dig the aggression (am I not wrath and love?) but I also listen to tons of classical and electronica… so … who knows… just what I have been listening to lately.

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