One of the Wonders of 7.

One of the Wonders of 7.

bloom blossom flora flower
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gardens” 5/30/18

of light and seed

of rain and soil

through many gardens

have I come.

the path, looking back

winds around

framed by memories

of wilt and drought

of bulb and bloom

yet when the sun rises

there is always you

my seven tiers of babylon

our brief time of perfection

under the golden sun.


that was then

now lost to time

so I carry on

my will, my prayers, my hope

carry on

I will always remember

my heart is gone

but will not forget


my seven tiers of babylon.

notes…  I had some differing things in mind here…  of course I am referring to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (one of the original 7 wonders of the world, and no… not from the mini golf course in Overboard (the original not the remake))… I was also thinking about the all time great poem Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge… So.. throw that all in a blender and make it about love as well in a personal context… love being like a garden we cultivate (hopefully) but like a real garden there are so many factors that factor into the outcome… the rest I will leave up to you, because if you got this far, well, thanks.

post note… I forgot to mention.. 7, it is considered a magical number, my birth date is 7 times 3, both considered magical numbers, so no, I am not into astrology or numerology… just sayin…

Also, 7 days in a week.. seven “tier” (tears)… 7 openings in your head… all these things are in this poem, in my head … and now yours I suspect.

music? … ok, maybe…  here is something pretty nature-y and ambient (I hate that word sometimes as it may imply boring electronica but… there is no other genre word, I think… so just trust me).  Sounds from the Ground has put out some awesome stuff over the years, this particular track always stuck with me… it tells an old fable/tale over cool calm music… very unique… you have to listen to get it…

Sounds from the Ground “Pearl”

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