trees and grass field under cloudy sky during daytime
Photo by Tahir Shaw on Pexels.com

So, to be fair, I was too lazy (tired) to type out some new stuff I wrote today (that I really liked, inspired by the movie “The Mercy” which I loved but haven’t had a chance to write up a review yet…), so instead I am posting some stuff I wanted to post anyway.  Obviously the sun is central…er, essential… um, important!   Ancient cultures showed reverence, and in matter of fact we are quite dependent.. being in the “Goldilocks” zone… I am confident there is life out there (hence my interest in the SETI project) but of course the sheer vastness of space probably guarantees that in my life I will never see… alien life, so I will probably just have to settle for you (sigh…)… any-who, here is some cosmic musings from a cosmic fool…

suns” 4/7/18

the sun has her planets

the galaxy has her suns

and yet among

the vast all composed

I have

but none.


as I pass

and evaporate

into the sun

I migrate

might I become


fuel the world

new life to come


O’ setting sun

might I say goodbye

and good night

for you will come again

and wink upon the dawn

to once more consume

the world in fission’s glow

wrapped round the world

as you may go

vanquish night

like a god indeed

golden chariot

drawn by flaming steeds

pacing hooves

count the hours

prancing hooves

across the manor

but all the while

as we view

in truth

’tis us

who orbits you

music… again I am going heavy, swedish folk music mixed with metal (flutes, violins and death metal)… seriously (so ye be warned)…

Eluveitie – Helvetios

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