And Voyager 2 has left us…

And Voyager 2 has left us…

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After all I am a bit of a science nerd, and the Voyager probes (launched in 1977) are only slightly younger than me, probe #2 has finally left the heliosphere becoming the second man made object to do so, in short the sun’s influence extends out way farther than we can imagine in our day to day terms but there is a horizon where it does end, and our emissaries are out there now for all time (the chances of them colliding with anything is very low, space is quite empty, when you view pictures of galaxies and what not the space in between individual stars is vast, even galaxies colliding do not collide per se but the gravitational forces do the collision work/damage, we are of course, on a collision course with the Andromeda galaxy, not you or me will be around to see it however, nor those who first see it as it will take billions of years even when it happens)

What is the point of all this ?  perhaps a metaphor.  In 40 years what have I accomplished ?  And yet in 40 years our species launched some probes that are now all that might be left of our civilization.  The realization of that achievement of our tech of that day visiting the outer planets and now beyond our reach.  I believe it is a pinnacle of human achievement, and on a personal level we can scale that down the same.  Shoot for the moon they say, nah, shoot for it all, even coming up short leaves you at neptune.  I should take my own advice, and I truly try, maybe every time I look upward, into the sky, I can remember those little probes with less memory power than my phone, racing out into the universe, so far from home, but with all of us on board, in some capacity, for some other life form to discover, maybe a billion years from now, maybe four billion, at that point what does it matter, but at that point we all will matter, touching another form of life, out there, humanity will have existed…


a path of stars

cosmic dust footprints

to follow, out beyond mars

into the cosmos

maps of constellations guides

mariner of the universal sky

I disappear off into the night

of space, and to explore

the space, of infinite expansion

the universe, final destination

My Voyager series is here.  I often contemplate the universe, surely beyond my comprehension in totality but why not consider it… humans are capable of a great many things (yes both good and bad, we need to choose sides at times).

Your thoughts and comments are always appreciated, as well as recipes for strata…

Voyager (3)

Voyager (3)

A continuation of my Voyager series (1, 2)… and now 3!  Of course there is not an actual 3rd mission but I had to number these to avoid confusion among the handful of people actually reading them…and myself honestly.  They all have a common thread but different flavor (I hope).  Maybe I am like voyager throwing things out into the universe to see what I see… throwing my own golden disc into the vast expanse of the internet perhaps finding an alien I can teach my language… or maybe I just like to write, or somewhere in between the two probably is the domain of the truth, at least for now… and without further adieu…

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voyager 3” 7.2.2018

a faint –



ever traveling further

every moment every second every hour

a thin beam of light suspends dust

through the seam of a midnight door

a whisper slithers down the hall

barely audible

I strain to hear

I might remember

how I came upon this place

in darkness

this cold space

a litany of stars

but none are close

none are warm

all are far

notes… I am specifically commenting on Voyager 1 here… It is in interstellar space now (see my original post to learn about all that).  So… it takes 17 hours (more now) to receive a message from Voyager 1 so hence the ‘strain to hear’ reference… and the line ‘a thin beam of light suspends dust’ is a specific reference to this photo… Our planet… from the perspective of Voyager after it left the solar system…  humbling, to say the very least.  This little satellite that could is now in between stars… which illustrates the sheer vastness of space, hence the rest of the poem, maybe some people think I should not explain things or whatever… but these are very specific references I am playing with here that I want the reader to understand… now I am leaving huge gaps in metaphors as well… so this poem has other levels (like personal) but I want people to understand the core of the feeling as it energized me to write the piece(s).

so… some more trippy ambient avant garde stuff ? sure… I got that in spades folks.

Tetsu Inoue “World Receiver”