The Northern Lights (are overrated…)

The Northern Lights (are overrated…)

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Well… ok, maybe not so much (the aurora borealis is pretty darn cool after all), but I was watching this massively awesome BBC series “Wonders of the Solar System” and was enlightened (pun) by the fact that the phenomena is not limited to this little sphere we call Earth, in fact, that massive red giant (no, not Colin McGregor or the Kool Aid Man)… I am speaking of course of our celestial big brother Jupiter, as it turns out Jupiter has these light displays on both the north and south poles… The “lights” are all formed due to the solar radiation (called the solar wind) thrown out constantly by the sun deflected by the magnetic field of the planets (in short, it is slightly more complicated than that).   Just another chapter in how amazing this universe is (even our little tiny corner which is the everything we will ever know).  Sure, I am a bit late to the party on this… but I can admit that.

So anyway, this poem also formed from a ball of dust and the ort cloud (my head) last night… (and here is my Voyager inspired poems, I think I might start a collection page of my science based/themed work instead of these ad hoc links, but that is just a thought)….

9.30.2018 “miracles of the solar system”

I contemplate the world, spinning

a veritable grain of sand

on this continent, thinking

might I levitate in place

and the ground beneath

will rotate around under, my feet

as I will to absorb the total cycle of the sun

my mind to become flat and limitless

to expand outward to the edges of the universe

a platform, a table for all to sit upon

the knowledge, the power, of a billion suns

could this lonely spot of life

handle the vastness of an expanse

that weighs in blocks

not perceivable by human scales of thought

of this, just this one, on the shoulders of many

just to understand this

a world spinning

a night companion orbits round

what seems just out of touch

we have only touched once

so familiar

but these are miracles, in the every day flesh

for granted

sunrise and sunset

lest we forget

the immense fate and circumstance

for our faces

to be met daily

by the rising, of the life giving star

we so casually call, ours

the sun

Music ? I have posted this before but I have to post it again (and probably again), to me it fits the vastness of space… ambient space music supreme.

Seti – Pharos (CD-1 Arecibo)

Your thoughts and comments are welcome and appreciated, and might even be read.. by me of all people.

Voyager (3)

Voyager (3)

A continuation of my Voyager series (1, 2)… and now 3!  Of course there is not an actual 3rd mission but I had to number these to avoid confusion among the handful of people actually reading them…and myself honestly.  They all have a common thread but different flavor (I hope).  Maybe I am like voyager throwing things out into the universe to see what I see… throwing my own golden disc into the vast expanse of the internet perhaps finding an alien I can teach my language… or maybe I just like to write, or somewhere in between the two probably is the domain of the truth, at least for now… and without further adieu…

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voyager 3” 7.2.2018

a faint –



ever traveling further

every moment every second every hour

a thin beam of light suspends dust

through the seam of a midnight door

a whisper slithers down the hall

barely audible

I strain to hear

I might remember

how I came upon this place

in darkness

this cold space

a litany of stars

but none are close

none are warm

all are far

notes… I am specifically commenting on Voyager 1 here… It is in interstellar space now (see my original post to learn about all that).  So… it takes 17 hours (more now) to receive a message from Voyager 1 so hence the ‘strain to hear’ reference… and the line ‘a thin beam of light suspends dust’ is a specific reference to this photo… Our planet… from the perspective of Voyager after it left the solar system…  humbling, to say the very least.  This little satellite that could is now in between stars… which illustrates the sheer vastness of space, hence the rest of the poem, maybe some people think I should not explain things or whatever… but these are very specific references I am playing with here that I want the reader to understand… now I am leaving huge gaps in metaphors as well… so this poem has other levels (like personal) but I want people to understand the core of the feeling as it energized me to write the piece(s).

so… some more trippy ambient avant garde stuff ? sure… I got that in spades folks.

Tetsu Inoue “World Receiver”