the source of optimism, well, at least one…

the source of optimism, well, at least one…

the proposal of the sun-
(now) in our time of this sacred covenant
the light does strike out from the direction of dawn
down, out upon my palm
(moments go, the light)
slides up my forearm
yes, and then I notice-
the warming;
welling up, as from within
an upward spring, flowing toward the surface
an awakened primal memory
the pure instinct of response
a trigger, intrinsic in all forms
the jubilation-
a germination-
of the elemental elixir infused
infused with the optimism
inherent in life
from the giver of-
the sun
from whence all life
, derives (thrives).

notes… just the power of the sun hitting my arm, on a grey day when the breaks became a jail break of light later on, the feel, the feel is so visceral, something within us all is awakened by such days or moments, to remember, to recall… and carry on, with joy…

in the presence of the sun… –{{O}}–

in the presence of the sun… –{{O}}–

in the presence of the sun

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among the heavenly bodies we round
life rises, drowns and rises again
all in this procession
far flung on the flight wing of a galaxy
cast out in an endless ocean
can this be the only outpost of hope?
of life?
in all this, just a drift
an arm, a wisp of stars
our star, the one
the one we call, the sun
which has defined our direction for all time
such as can be counted and summed
in the presence of the sun
gives us a center
a ballast
a balance, with focus
a singular form in the form we always have known
our nook, our den
our private fortress
this little blue marble of life
a miracle boat afloat
in just this time
in my eye
to our minds
tethered to a galaxy drifting
our fate
lie and awake
open and closed in mother’s eye
all in this –
the presence of the sun.

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are we a marker, an outlier, an anomaly, can we be? just this little branch, this dash, this splash of hope dangling off a limb of one of endless-countless galaxies, can we be alone, even in our own stretch of these woods? the possibility, yes, the possibility is there, but I choose to believe otherwise; why? I could argue the numbers, the sheer amount of possibilities that lay forth with such numbers bound out into infinity, but something inside, a gut, a feel, an instinct, maybe foolish pride, maybe I want to believe we are not just dust on a mere wind blowing by, sure, that is a fair assessment, but what else? can we pretend to know everything, in our little stint, our production run here, the perspective is almost hard to fit, not long ago this was it, terra firma, just the earth, and now the discussions turn towards mars and beyond, but these are just the closest neighbors, there is so much more, where the voyagers have now gone, barely a scratch off the heliosphere, can this twist of tiny now fate be all? the trinkets on my mantle tell a story of a life that will be swallowed and gone, blink, and yet, we live on, multiplying, generations like a constant beating heart of creation, our self importance tethered to a rock, rolling around a common star, ours, as if the sun will blink when we are gone, or just continue on, until she too runs out of the gift, the surge, the power, the sheer will of chemical interactions will cease, and then what of these, these stories, these lives, what will survive if not beams, remnants, something beyond what can be held in hands and hearts, something more, something higher, and how will we know this transformation or communicate with the others? or is there nothing, just nothing, perhaps. but I would rather invest in the wavelength, the energy ribbon, the promise, of hope. of life. for we are alive now, nothing can change that, not even the stoppage of time, so I believe, choose to believe, we survive.

The Northern Lights (are overrated…)

The Northern Lights (are overrated…)

snow light sky winter
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Well… ok, maybe not so much (the aurora borealis is pretty darn cool after all), but I was watching this massively awesome BBC series “Wonders of the Solar System” and was enlightened (pun) by the fact that the phenomena is not limited to this little sphere we call Earth, in fact, that massive red giant (no, not Colin McGregor or the Kool Aid Man)… I am speaking of course of our celestial big brother Jupiter, as it turns out Jupiter has these light displays on both the north and south poles… The “lights” are all formed due to the solar radiation (called the solar wind) thrown out constantly by the sun deflected by the magnetic field of the planets (in short, it is slightly more complicated than that).   Just another chapter in how amazing this universe is (even our little tiny corner which is the everything we will ever know).  Sure, I am a bit late to the party on this… but I can admit that.

So anyway, this poem also formed from a ball of dust and the ort cloud (my head) last night… (and here is my Voyager inspired poems, I think I might start a collection page of my science based/themed work instead of these ad hoc links, but that is just a thought)….

9.30.2018 “miracles of the solar system”

I contemplate the world, spinning

a veritable grain of sand

on this continent, thinking

might I levitate in place

and the ground beneath

will rotate around under, my feet

as I will to absorb the total cycle of the sun

my mind to become flat and limitless

to expand outward to the edges of the universe

a platform, a table for all to sit upon

the knowledge, the power, of a billion suns

could this lonely spot of life

handle the vastness of an expanse

that weighs in blocks

not perceivable by human scales of thought

of this, just this one, on the shoulders of many

just to understand this

a world spinning

a night companion orbits round

what seems just out of touch

we have only touched once

so familiar

but these are miracles, in the every day flesh

for granted

sunrise and sunset

lest we forget

the immense fate and circumstance

for our faces

to be met daily

by the rising, of the life giving star

we so casually call, ours

the sun

Music ? I have posted this before but I have to post it again (and probably again), to me it fits the vastness of space… ambient space music supreme.

Seti – Pharos (CD-1 Arecibo)

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