rebirth (perhaps)

rebirth (perhaps)

if I could live my life over again
would I be
the only one
or given a new life
an empty page
or might I prefer
to hold the knowledge
I have gained,
to start in soil
as a sprout
without the memory
of the tree
that spawned me
and set me free upon this earth
as a plotting acorn
a cloud of dandelion seed
a coconut carried to a different shore
on an indifferent sea,
or spirit energy
transformed back to light
and reborn
from forth a celestial womb
to begin the cycle all-together
and all anew (on the universe’s cue)

notes… now that I have been birthed, and know my worth (the universe decided I was ok to be born, I am here), should I trust that to be reborn again- or in some other form. thoughts ?
the path of our own foolishness

the path of our own foolishness

am I just a gallant buffoon
or a stark raving prancing baboon
shaking my glowing red ass
under the auspice of a harvest moon
without the pride earned by rudolph
nor the purpose with which to lead
except into a tail spin speed
corkscrew map points to the ground
round ‘d’ round ‘d’ round the night
a carousel, a bumblebee in flight
for one passenger though
my bags packed with thoughts
all they might find, in a crash in the dark
compacted into
this little black box
that lies, in abject presentation
and so I will dance, which
for the diminish, succumbs
the coma of night is comfort
the comfort of numb.

sometimes we all act the fool, in jest I must accept not reject this abject part of my humanity… for at best I am my worst and my best is met beyond my expectations my pet, but I bet I do not know anything yet, with four decades under belt I have felt many things and still stumble like a child learning first steps, because there are always more first steps, there is always first steps unless you live life standing still, but then you would be a dummy, both figuratively and literally… or maybe just a man named quinn…

the source of optimism, well, at least one…

the source of optimism, well, at least one…

the proposal of the sun-
(now) in our time of this sacred covenant
the light does strike out from the direction of dawn
down, out upon my palm
(moments go, the light)
slides up my forearm
yes, and then I notice-
the warming;
welling up, as from within
an upward spring, flowing toward the surface
an awakened primal memory
the pure instinct of response
a trigger, intrinsic in all forms
the jubilation-
a germination-
of the elemental elixir infused
infused with the optimism
inherent in life
from the giver of-
the sun
from whence all life
, derives (thrives).

notes… just the power of the sun hitting my arm, on a grey day when the breaks became a jail break of light later on, the feel, the feel is so visceral, something within us all is awakened by such days or moments, to remember, to recall… and carry on, with joy…

the N, the Z, you sea…

the N, the Z, you sea…

out upon the silky sea
a voyage be’ond discovery
for out in that unforgiving grave
a rock
an outcrop
once the roiling cauldron heap
to melt the earth herself
molten dreams roll conjured up
from the continental shelf herself
and here now cooled and tam’d these days
spared the steam ‘don cleared the haze

a seeking flock found peace and stayed
without a fang ‘r tooth long in sight
decided they were done with flight
for why bother with a pilot’s trial
on cliffs and yonder tuck’n’tail

notes… nah, I am not explaining this one… let it be mystery and fodder for imagination as this was a loose interpretation, of language and creation, on my part, in other news I finally reorganized my YouTube Channel a bit, so check it out if you please, and on Facebook I post things so, all that, if you like what I do, thank you, no, truly, I broadcast out my frequency and hope there are at least a few ears in tune, even if not, at least I am here to do it.. and that is truly enough, remember that.

the long wedding…

the long wedding…


should I?
marry you
now or then
why wait?
why the rush?
the perfect mate;
so let the courtship begin
and never end.
unless I should begin again;
reincarnation or resurrection-
so let the lantern be lit
so I may follow
into the path of light

something in the works…

something in the works…

a work I am working on… a poem in this case... this is my blog, so no rules, this is an active thing I wrote just now and want to hone bit, what that means? who knows? who cares… I am posting where I am, so deal, my blog is me and me is the blog, lol.. so f it… I might repost this poem 10 times, in the scheme of things it means nothing, so like it or not… but his was the first raw form of this particular work… why the hell do I write anyway…

driving in the driving rain

the car in front of me

is going impossibly slow, grating

glowing red tail lights bending and distorting, bends

driving down that street

passing my father’s grave

(to my right – somewhere in measurable feet)

I ponder the moment,

no monument, delayed by that goddamn plague,

just grass now, still-

a funeral only, few allowed, if only, to attend

so the plague continues to ravage, above

I truly hope, you are not there my father, below

watching, the gathering pools of rain, above

so I wonder

where you are

where will I be

and I wait to hear the voice-

that never comes

but I know where-

I must come.

function. (the nature of)

function. (the nature of)

there stands no reason
to interrogate the vulture
for we know where

his beak has been
in between

flesh and bone
in between.
not I, peacock.

question the nature of self, or at least look in the mirror for the reveal… so? what’s in your nature?