the source of optimism, well, at least one…

the source of optimism, well, at least one…

the proposal of the sun-
(now) in our time of this sacred covenant
the light does strike out from the direction of dawn
down, out upon my palm
(moments go, the light)
slides up my forearm
yes, and then I notice-
the warming;
welling up, as from within
an upward spring, flowing toward the surface
an awakened primal memory
the pure instinct of response
a trigger, intrinsic in all forms
the jubilation-
a germination-
of the elemental elixir infused
infused with the optimism
inherent in life
from the giver of-
the sun
from whence all life
, derives (thrives).

notes… just the power of the sun hitting my arm, on a grey day when the breaks became a jail break of light later on, the feel, the feel is so visceral, something within us all is awakened by such days or moments, to remember, to recall… and carry on, with joy…

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