Twitter Dee… Twitter Dumb.

Twitter Dee… Twitter Dumb.

motorcycle in the middle of street
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“Social Media Drive-By” 7.27.2018

a whisper feeds
a rumor grows
in an instant
on twitter
shot out from under,
a post
a feed
inbreeds in innuendos
goes viral
in circles of pop up juries,
they snicker
they laugh
they injure and incinerate,
-and the moment passes
they forget
behind, a wake, an aftermath
they forget
the wreck
they sank
to the bottom
on a whim, with a whisper
they forget.

notes… So, I’m a dork, I googled “drive by” and it is supposed to be “drive-by”…. why on earth would it matter but I am an honest cat on here sharing it all (warts and dorks as it were).. this was written in my car after work today (gee, that never happens…).  Just contemplating the cyber lynchings that seem to happen with regular frequency these days… it seems the moral superiority of some people online equals that of the religious types that they mock for the same behavior (I guess not having a belief in a higher power somehow makes it different?)… how ironic.   When you revel in the demise of others you are swimming in a tar pit full of sharks… is it worth it?  What happened to the value of taking a breath and assessing things with some perspective (and remembering we are all little flawed islands in the sea of humanity).  One post does not a total Dbag make.  Just something to ponder as I go wander off into … some silly distraction probably.

Another semi-obscure band… to me they are legendary, but what do I know ? (well, a lot if you ask me, but that is another story for another time fraulein…) …double shot music post RARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

Fugazi – Long Division

Fugazi – KYEO

Credit to Neil C. from back in my Rutgers days for turning me on to this.  Ah… seems like a different life, it was a short time but a good time.

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