Voyager (2)

Voyager (2)

satellite view of earth
Photo by SpaceX on

 “voyager 2” 6.15.18

one million ten million more

what will remain

a golden disc

not even you, great ozymandias

even your magnificence

of words on stone

will be but dust among

dunes of old

your portly friends

the pyramids

will amount

to just mounds of common rock

even the sphinx will sleep and be consumed

the earth will reclaim

all we think we thought we knew

notes… the golden disc is of course the records sent out with the voyager probes, ozymandias … well, that is a shot at my friend shelley whom I love as one poet to another but kind of recalls his great poem vs the object of time that it addresses, he did not have the science of now to contemplate so I will give the old boy a pass. I love the last line here… it sums up how arrogant we are because we are NOW… we know so little, we barely pierced the sky just 100+ years ago with the wright brothers.. think about it.

Music ? SETI: The geometry of night… different than Seti : Pharos… but equally trippy imo.

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