‘wish upon a star’ (no, not the song, more like contemplation, an idea)

‘wish upon a star’ (no, not the song, more like contemplation, an idea)

photo of supernova in galaxy
Photo by Alex Andrews on Pexels.com

what if, the beams, the light, the starlight we have all known since we could look skyward at night, what if the light was actually a stream of information, a story, a history, an encapsulation of time, maybe it is but we have not the tools to access the data or comprehend the language, as we know – light from the stars we see now could be thousands or if not millions of years old by the time it pierces our eyes, so what if that is somehow a series of photographs captured in a light stream, an album, snapshots, a step by step catalog of a star’s life above from the past until the moment that instant penetrates our eyes and enters into the ripe groves of our minds, think of how generations of imaginations have looked up and wondered, since human kind began, is this all coincidence? the constellations drawn upon with lines, connect the dots, why? the draw, the fascination, perhaps our subconscious is reacting to an underground radio station broadcasting beyond AM or FM, there are parts of the universe far older than our young civilization, what fantastic tales might these reaches bring, stars are truly brilliant torches of inspiration swimming in the vast darkness… but are they more? so the more I look, so the more I yearn, to know, and in there lies hope, for all that, beyond our own.

notes… one of those things that bounces around my ole noggin being a space wonk that I am, the sky is easier to see these days here in suburban Jersey, although the views in rural Maryland where I disappear, er, I mean vacation at least once a year, are just spectacular with the naked eye (although I ponied up this year for a telescope, hopefully photos to come when I get good at it), but think about it, digest it, mull about it a bit, when you see a star you are not seeing a light bulb you just turned on, you are literally looking at the past, something from thousands of years ago or older, you are not looking at ‘now’… pretty mind blowing that just the night sky itself is not real, or at least not current for the most part, imagine if you walked around every day with eyes seeing ten years ago, 100 years ago, or so… well, we kind of forget that is what we are doing with the stars above… so chew on that for awhile my friends… oh and listen to some space rock care of my favorite Canadians (RIP Piggy, but the new guy is pretty damn good, this was the crux of Piggy’s guitar work imo, not that anyone cares but damn I will sing his praises until I’m gone, I like unicorns, so be it)…

Observations… from my porch

Observations… from my porch

adorable animal cat cat s eyes
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

tonight’s edition of my ongoing experiment.


trapped in the utter utilitarian mundane, I stumble out of the house locked into the weekly ritual of throwing out the trash after a week’s end and a sunday dinner (portuguese BBQ in this case), so besides my porch (or to the left more accurately) I had a visitor, quite as startled by me as he (or she), a tabby cat whom I do not recognize (and who certainly does not recognize me), so we stared each other down like it was some version of high noon (albeit without the applied tension of an actual gun fight), so, who will budge first from this initial shock and lock? “your move buddy” I mutter, thankfully the cat, as it turns out, speaks english and starts to confidently saunter away (as masterfully as only cats can seem to do), but then I am flush with a small dab of regret, as I like pets and animals in general (and I like to think they might like me back indeed), so as the cat retreats I lower to my knees and make all those sounds we make that seem to catch a cat’s appeal, and for a moment I steal the attention, a pause, a mention, but this cat either does not trust me or has something better to attend to (can not say I blame him/her), so with that, the cat continues on across the paved boundary that separates the two sides of my street, onto the incline of my neighbor’s well-lit driveway, I pick up the garbage bag to finish my task, all the while the cat, looking back, tabby keeping tabs on me wherever I am, this cat seems to have the lure… but also the lesson, and what might happen, with curiosity.

Music?  some Voivod, because they will never get the due they are due.

Voivod – into my hypercube

there is just a line there about cheshire cats…  listen for it, it is rewarding.

and also digest this, since I am on a cat thing….

A cat that predicts death

and to all who read me, thanks, seriously.

Dobbs Ferry, NY

Dobbs Ferry, NY

two person riding boat on body of water
Photo by Jayant Kulkarni on Pexels.com

since my “rebirth” or “awakening” (or just realization to get my ass going) I am trying to look and observe to “find beauty wherever it may be“… beauty in nature, a flower, a bee hopping from one lily bloom to another, a child with their mother, a father teaching his child to ride a bike… but also in knowledge, there is beauty in knowledge learned and forgotten – even common knowledge that lies just beneath your surface eyes, like the very name of a place, how often do you think about the names of towns where you putter about in your little fishbowl of life, our turf, our own streets and yet the historical grounds of “why” in a name might escape the mundane every day, so, that is why Dobbs Ferry sang out to me and caused these words and subsequent thoughts.  So, you might be asking why Dobbs Ferry David ?  Certainly that seems like a prudent question from you.  I had work call me there this saturday, not the first time I have been and actually I have family in the town (hello Lottermans!), but it dawned on me how this little section of the Hudson is probably little known in the rest of the country (or world for that matter),  the first little tidbit that stuck in my craw was the actual name “ferry”, how soon we forget in this modern age modes of transport of the old days, but a ferry was rather important, so you had a dude named “Dobbs” who literally ran a ferry, and the the name just becomes common happenstance lost to the plowing of time across generations, but back to this area of NY, it is not very far from the city proper, but you might as well be on another world, a quaint little town on the river with stunning views, even in the colder months, just seemingly a forgotten stretch even for people who live just across the river (ahem, here in my mighty garden state).. so check out Dobbs Ferry  (there is a lot of history there – including revolutionary war stuff), I also get to visit Hastings-On-The-Hudson (the coolest looking fire department I have seen!) and Cold Spring (dutchess county wine tours people!)… and one of my favorite things up there is the Bear Mountain Bridge but I do not want to get too distracted from my original post (as I might be known to do).

a water themed musical thing…

Voivod – The Prow

WordPress… how you impress.

WordPress… how you impress.

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I love the randomness.. and my dumb ass should make comments on this thing I suppose!

batman was clearly a republican… but Adam West and Burt Ward were so damn cute…

Voivod “Batman”

of course this is the theme from the TV show performed by one of my all time favorite bands…