a special commencement poem…

a special commencement poem…


This was something that quite literally came to me.  I don’t suppose to understand the nature of the universe but one has to question things when inspiration just reaches out and grabs you. I was driving home Saturday from work on the GSP (that is the Garden State Parkway for non NJ people…) and stuck in just mind numbing traffic.  Somehow the photo of my cousin Marcy with her new granddaughter (Ruby) popped into my mind along with some words.  It is not that I am particularly close with my cousins either but somehow the universe tapped me on the shoulder…

“upon the birth of my new cousin, Ruby” 4/21/2018

a ruby shines

in grandma’s arms

open eyes

beating heart,

all the world

to behold

new promise born

into love.

so rejoice!

family, friends

this new life

so begins

So there it is as scribbled down in my notebook frantically (while driving, albeit slowly)… and then finished the work at the rest stop (Brookdale South Service Area in Bloomfield) in the shadow of McDonald’s (how inspiring ! lol).  I left punctuation off at the end because it is a celebration of a new beginning (ie no end, just like hope and love).  Sometimes I think about  punctuation, sometimes not… this was one of those times where it came into play.

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