Works reaching back to 2007…

Works reaching back to 2007…

pexels-photo-1002545.jpegStill catching up on some older stuff… not much else to say on this one.  I’ll let the words speak for themselves. (although I do have a special place in my heart for “rear view”… it is something that I think about often, an image I have never been able to forget to this day)

thoughts on new years on the henry hudson” 1/6/2007

breakers on the west side

a new year is want to rise

the old man is spry in the west

broken back by bending jets

rear view” 4/14/2007

I know not of death

for I am alive

these thirty odd years

but should I know legion

as when my mind drifts

to the day.

a passing kiss to the forehead

of you, my love,

the sleepless night

into that inevitable dawn.


rear view mirror

a lasting portrait –

of death in the first morning sun.


you, are standing there alone

but I must go

tears but a simple sympathy

to perhaps ease the mind

the heart bears the scars

not the eyes.


a portrait

that never leaves my gallery

of thought

in dreams comes to life

and as I wake,

as visions subside

the years gone in just a blink

pages turn

but a mark never leaves the edge


as I take upon every breath

wonder, fear,

I am alive

and as I am

will I always love her?

staring there

rear view

she is ever standing there.

untitled” 5/2007

on the dew

the dawn of wake

a quiet silence



clouds nestled between

skyward stretching branches

and light

morning light

warms my brow

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