May 2017 works

May 2017 works


Trying to catch up to current stuff!  I do like some of the ideas here even if sort of simplistic.. not everything has to be word geometry I guess.  But if that is your thing…cool. Comments/Thoughts are always appreciated.




“untitled”  5/2017
sweet tide to kiss my brow
for me to sail
into the never ending sea

“buried”  5/2017
Broken –
Mason –
Jar –
half buried, half sane
peering through patterns
spindle of sunlight crowning
what remains above ground

“to not know the rain”  5/2017
to not know the rain
in the forest
or the plains
on the desert mars
light years span as far,
unless your vessel is a lens
to see space and back again

“you” 5/2017
is it a mood
is it blue
is it a tone
is it a hue
is it the true feeling
of who you are – ?

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