Some poetry works from June/July 2017

Some poetry works from June/July 2017


I was transcribing some more stuff from my notes today.. and boy does my handwriting suck… I really ought to be more careful but sometimes these things are written spur of the moment wherever I may be (many times in my car driving!). So for what it is worth here are some more…



“untitled” 6/2017

rain on the lake
a common trope
draws the eye –
romantic hope

smoky fog
hugs the mountain far
a road corralled by trees
all hands waving leaves
all say the same
all turn to bask in the coming rain

a voice on the wind
of a bird I know not who
the rain loses pace
almost a pause
nearly completely still
drop by drop

“untitled” 6/2017

this dying body can provide
to other passengers by

“Traffic”  6/2017

grasping for a metaphor,
a gnarled tree?
yet nature has purpose.

traffic is perverse
traffic is a curse – spoken in rage
traffic is a treason on the soul

created in a compilation, consternation, confirmation
in a faulty foundation of political underpinnings
in other words : frustration!

DMK Note: The above poem is meant to be a bit humorous…especially those of us who commute daily here in the tri-state (NY, NJ, CT) area.

“untitled”  6/2017

fallow fields
fallow minds
poison seeds
to commit the crime

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