a prayer for the fallen…

a prayer for the fallen…

american back view burial cemetery
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“a prayer for the fallen,
for they shall not rise again
a moment for the forgotten
so we shall know their acts remain
to those who came before
to those with which we leave,
a prayer for the fallen,
with these words may you take heed
let now the world’s foundation
build inspiration from their deeds”

notes… I did not plan to write this, I wrote it a few days ago but it seems apt for Memorial Day.  I have no military in my family and in fact it seems discouraged (one day I will write a missive about that), what is more noble than sacrificing yourself for others to do nothing (or something) with their freedom? sure, is every soldier a pure soul ? no.  but there are those that are literally on the front line battling for our right to blog here on wordpress and other such trivial pursuits (as much as I think art is important, it is, without warriors would we even have the chance to express ourselves ?).  I know it is trite to say Freedom is not free… but it is not, I am in the debt of those that came before to give me a life where I can explore the world via my mind and my art, thank you, the unknown, the nameless, the creator (whatever that may be), every free breath is a gift… goddamn I have to remember this.. I have to motivate myself further… life matters… life matters…

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