a quote about heroes…

a quote about heroes…

city sky france flag
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“if all the heroes of the world should rise again…
there still would not be enough of them”



who wrote it ?  me. again this was not on purpose for memorial day but perhaps the muse thought it so…

music? one of my fave underrated bands comes to mind…

>>>>> Warrior Soul – Hero

they had a string of three albums that was mind blowing, they had big label support but for whatever reason they never broke big, they had a unique sound, unique front man, I’ll never understand why but those that loved them truly did, as usual comments and likes are appreciated, this is all my original content, this is me, some guy in new jersey, the garden state, who does… appreciate any and all eye balls, I am convinced there are people out there wired like me, I am certainly not mainstream, I gave that up a long time ago…

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