some haiku from this afternoon…

some haiku from this afternoon…

3/5/3 form, distilled, if you will and you should, if you could, but let’s not dwell…

rock formations near sea
Photo by Amanda Klamrowski on

a bird on a wire
questions me

soft green leaf
enjoy the high life
while you can

the sunset
has an appointment

full with the remains
last season

weaving twigs
the mother cardinal
prepares four

invert trees
the roots have no leaves
like winter

last daylight
certainly overstays
-gone too soon

the dartboard
a clock with no hands
eye will win

notes… technically I wrote this on my porch but it was different from those musings… this is my blog so, I do what I want, If you dig it, I am grateful, if not there is plenty of other grapefruit to ponder.

music... COM TRUISE… that’s all, retro electronica, sounds 80s but yet somehow modern-ish…  NJ guy as well so I am partial to that…

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