a little Game of Thrones poem…

a little Game of Thrones poem…

ash blaze burn burning
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

From time to time these hit me, not the first time, so of course my watch has ended, I won’t go all Aaron Rodgers on you here, I have a media review page for that (if you care to see my opinion about such things), but this blog is about my creative work and working to be a better person (not necessarily in that order or ever clear), this falls more in the creative work category because certainly a TV show is not reality but isn’t all art some reflection of reality? including TV… well, except those reality TV shows… damn I hate those, anyway… here is a little ditty…

animal cold color fog
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


for Winter has truly come
all along the smoldering ruins
past the walls of King’s Landing
covered now but not by snow
but by the souls of those once living,
a pride of lions proved no match
for the wrath of a phoenix writhing
forever to unmask
the absolution of power’s binding,
two once bright suns did crash
one if by brick, one if by steel
and within their lover’s arms reveal
love can exceed even that of death
and break the bonds of reasoned men

of course I have to end with this….  and all re-posts, likes, snowballs, spitballs and all sorts of diatribes.. are welcome, if you spent time reading this, thanks, I’ll never know it but perhaps screaming in the wind catches a few ears.

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