Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Park…

Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Park…

Sometimes something is right under your nose, and you take it for granted (even though it is granite), this site is literally within walking… er, I doubt I would walk that far, um, a 5 minute hop in the ole automobile thing from my abode, in past years (my youth, where did that go?) this site was in disrepair, and frankly quite sad, given the man (Thomas Alva Edison), enlightened us (quite literally), although his greatest invention is probably the phonograph (he bought the patent (rights) to the light bulb and made the real first working one, it wasn’t really his idea totally – initially), so with all my incessant babbling I am trying to say the Edison Memorial tower is right here in my home town of (drum roll) Edison! (New Jersey), I surely think locals treat this place like the Mt Rushmore of nowheresville but it is significant history right here in our backyard (quite literally, it is off a semi main road tucked into a neighborhood where Edison had a house).  I shot some video also of the site if you would like a virtual tour (which got interrupted by some of the local urban deer, I thought they might jump me, they looked tougher than venison usually is), luckily I escaped with my life from these rapscallions…

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